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Thermoforming Plastic Seed Trays Factory Colombia

Due to the limited use of soil for potted flowers, the roots of flowers can only extend in the basin, which has great limitations(162 cell trays bulk). The total amount of nutrients absorbed by roots from the basin soil is limited. Therefore, the soil should contain rich nutrients to supply the nutrient demand for flower growth and development as much as possible(v11 nursery pots). With the continuous evaporation of water, it also increases the air humidity around the pot.

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Good chemical properties(15 cell trays bulk). In a word, most flowers grow well in neutral or slightly acidic soil with suitable structure, rich humus, loose and good drainage. It can be mixed with clay for improvement, and can be applied with sticky manure and wall mixing at ordinary times, and it is not suitable to apply more chemical fertilizers(succulent planter tray). According to the size of mineral particles in soil, it is usually divided into sandy soil, sandy loam, loam and clay.(thermoforming plastic seed trays factory colombia)

Each kind of flower waste growth requires a suitable pH (called value), most flowers grow best in neutral or slightly acidic soil(50 cell trays bulk). Because in this range, the nutrients needed by flowers are the most effective in the soil, which is conducive to the absorption and utilization of dry flowers. Higher water holding capacity can supplement the water shortage in limited soil and meet the water and air demand of potted flowers(200 cell trays bulk). Higher water holding capacity.

(thermoforming plastic seed trays factory colombia)Potted cultivation method is to put huaran into a larger diameter pot, and put sawdust(21 cell trays bulk), rock wool, vermiculite, rags, waste cotton, peat and other absorbent materials in the gap between the two pots. These materials gradually release water vapor after absorbing water, thus improving the air humidity of the surrounding environment of potted flowers(19cm plastic grow pots). The above effect can also be achieved by placing a shallow water tray near the flowerpot.

However, the above soil conditions are not available for any kind of natural soil(98 cell trays bulk). Therefore, in order to meet the growth and development requirements of different flower wastes, artificial soil should be selected according to the different soil properties of different flower wastes.  It is not only ventilated and permeable, but also water and fertilizer conservation(112 cell trays bulk). It is high in fertility and durable in surface. It is suitable for planting various plants.(thermoforming plastic seed trays factory colombia)

The effect of phosphate fertilizer and trace elements on sandy soil is better(32 cell trays bulk). Sandy loam is a kind of soil with more sand grains and less fine soil. Generally, it is spherical when wet, and the surface is uneven, and the dry soil block is easy to crush. Summer high temperature and humidity, often easy to cause diseases and insect pests, which is undoubtedly harmful to the growth of flowers(20cm plastic grow pots). It is a kind of clay loam soil with good structure.

(thermoforming plastic seed trays factory colombia)The soil is loose, aerated and permeable, not sticky or hard(105 cell trays bulk). It is suitable for farming, and has certain water and fertilizer retention capacity. It is easy to produce young seedlings, but not old ones, with poor aftereffect. In order to prevent the loss of fertilizer, we should apply more clay and less chemical fertilizer. It is characterized by loose but not loose, sticky but not hard. Soil is composed of minerals, organic matter, water and air(288 cell trays bulk). The sand content can reach 55% ~ 85%.

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