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After the 1970s, various corn producing areas have successively carried out research on corn comprehensive cultivation techniques, and achieved remarkable results(propagation tray). In terms of corn breeding, the Ministry of Agriculture formulated the "National Corn Improvement Plan" (draft) in 1950, which pointed out that improving farm varieties(flat plastic tray), using heterosis, and cultivating new varieties are effective measures to increase corn yields.

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On this basis, scientific research institutions have carried out research work on maize breeding and genetic laws(plug trays). By 1980, China had sorted and collected more than 10,000 maize variety resources; it had cultivated more than 250 inter-variety hybrids and comprehensive hybrids(large plastic terracotta pots). Since the 1960s, a number of maize double hybrids, single hybrids, and three hybrids have been introduced, all play a role in increasing corn production.(thermoforming plastic seed trays manufacturers nz)

Technical measures for increasing corn production are mainly the use of corn hybrids(gallon nursery pots), additional fertilizer application, reasonable dense planting, scientific irrigation, reform of planting systems, and development of agricultural machinery operations according to local conditions(seed starter trays). Selecting good varieties is one of the effective ways to increase corn yield, especially when planting corn hybrids, the effect of increasing yield is more significant.

In the early 1950s, on the basis of collecting and sorting farm varieties, many good corn varieties were selected and promoted in various places(gallon plant pot). In the Hunan period, according to the growth and development of corn and water requirements, it is divided into pre-sowing irrigation, seedling irrigation, jointing irrigation, heading irrigation and grouting irrigation(black plastic plant pots). Yulai's uses in business, animal husbandry and industry are becoming more and more extensive.

(thermoforming plastic seed trays manufacturers nz)Others include Jindingzi, Changbadao, Golden Tower in Northeast China(cell trays), Tangshanbai, Xiaobadao, Dunzihuang in Hebei Province, Ermaya and Xiaolihong in Shandong Province, Rhubarb Bract Valley in Guizhou Province, and Jinhuang in Yunnan Province Bract, etc.At present, there are more than 40 corn hybrids with an area of more than one million mu in production(nursery plant pots); as development industry Raw materials account for about 10-15%.

Currently, the world's Yulai grains are used as feed for the development of animal husbandry, accounting for about 75 ~ 80%; as people's food, about 10 ~ 15%(square nursery pots). In terms of corn cultivation technology, since the founding of the People's Republic of China, it has studied the growth and development process of corn and the law of organ formation, the law of fertilizer and water demand(32 cell plug trays supplier), and the ecological adaptability of corn. Collecting and sorting farm products.

For example, the more famous golden queen and white horse teeth have high output and strong adaptability, and the planting areas in China are almost all over the country(plastic grow pots). In the 1960s, corn interbreeding hybrids were promoted. In 1965, the area of corn hybrids nationwide was less than 10%, with an average yield of 200 kg per mu(105 cell plug trays supplier). 55%, corn hybrids generally increase production by more than 20% compared to ordinary varieties.(thermoforming plastic seed trays manufacturers nz)

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