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Thermoforming Plastic Seed Trays Suppliers Canada

Before and after the winter solstice, when the weather is very cold, the film should cover the head and cover two layers of straw curtains or one layer of reed hair at night(72 cell plug trays). It is better to set up a small wind barrier on the north side. In the second full fruit stage, when 4-5 sets of fruits are harvested, the branches will not be pruned(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). 2-3 leaves will be left in the upper part of the fifth set of inflorescence to remove the heart and seal the top.

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First of all, pay attention to adjusting the temperature in the shed(long life propagation trays). The collected pollen should be stored in a desiccator with calcium chloride for two days before pollination. Tomatoes can be replanted in two years on water and four years on dry land for high yield(104 cell seed starting trays). The temperature in the shed is lower at night and in the morning, but the air humidity often reaches saturation. Secondly, pay attention to humidity.(thermoforming plastic seed trays suppliers canada)

According to the experiment, compared with fresh pollen, the stored pollen can increase the germination rate of single fruit(nursery tray manufacturers). The continuous cropping of tomato has the characteristics of sparse emergence, small size, serious seedling death and easy infection with wilt disease(105 cell seed starter trays). Because the roots of previous tomatoes secrete a toxic substance, which can not only harm the seedlings but also promote the propagation of pathogens.

The optimum temperature for tomato growth in daytime is 20-25 ℃, and at night is about 17 ℃(1.5 gallon nursery pots). When the greenhouse temperature is over 35 ℃, the senescence of the plant will be accelerated, and the function of pollen will be reduced. For example, the light is insufficient, and the plant will grow in vain more seriously(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). The equipment for washing, drying and collecting seeds shall be disinfected. Liquid medicine should be prepared and used at any time.

(thermoforming plastic seed trays suppliers canada)The air temperature in the shed is inversely proportional to the humidity(1 gallon plastic nursery pots). With the rise of temperature and ventilation after sunrise, the temperature in the shed began to drop. The humidity in the shed should be between 50% and 60%. In order to promote the early ripening and high yield of tomato(200 cell seed starter trays), two and four drops (2,4-D) of growth hormone, such as ketolin, were used to dip into the flower, generally the concentration should not exceed 20 ppm.

When using, it should be noted that the liquid medicine should not be sprinkled on the leaves of plants to avoid the occurrence of drug damage(rootmaker propagation trays). The fruit is 1 / 3 ~ 1 / 2 larger than the general tomato, and 7 ~ 10 days earlier. Two strong lateral branches with strong growth will be selected as the basis of the second full fruit stage(6.5inch plastic plant pots). At the same time, weeding, topdressing, spraying, and pruning will be carried out.

When raising seedlings, take soil with you to reduce damage to roots(one gallon pot). If the soil is dry, water once a day or two before the seedling. In this way, buds can sprout in 3-4 days. The most suitable planting density of tomato is that the spacing of double stem pruning plant is 40 cm, the row spacing is 60-70 cm, about 2000 plants per mu; the spacing of single stem pruning plant is 25-30 cm, the row spacing is 60-70 cm, 2800-3000 plants per mu.(thermoforming plastic seed trays suppliers canada)

In the later stage, the old leaves at the base of the plant should be removed to increase ventilation and light transmittance(2 gallon pots wholesale). The way to cultivate seedless tomatoes is to spray or smear two or four drops of plant growth hormone on the female stigma of the flowers before the tomatoes bloom and fertilize(6.3inch plastic plant pots). After two or four drops of tomato treatment, not only has no seeds, but also can reduce the number of falling flowers and buds.

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