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Thermoforming Plastic Seed Trays Suppliers Jamaica

It is harmful to many kinds of flowers, such as chrysanthemum, dahlia, carnation, etc(5 inch plastic flower pots). Habits and harmful symptoms occur several generations a year. The front wing is translucent, with purple flash, and the back wing degenerates into a balance bar. The adults are similar to small flies in morphology(plastic herb pots). It emerged from March to April of the lunar new year. The female adult punctured the leaves with ovipositor, and laid one egg for each hole. 

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The adult is about 1 mm in length(deep plant trays); the female is brown and the male is yellow white; the front and rear wing margins are evenly arranged with vein tickets; the nymph is wingless. Habits and harmful symptoms occur several to 12 generations a year. They lay eggs in flowers or on the back of leaves(deep cell plug trays). Prevention and cure method: 40% Omethoate 1000~1500 double solution spray; apply 15% iron killed gram granule or 3% carbofuran in soil.(thermoforming plastic seed trays suppliers jamaica)

The adults are pear shaped, milky white, with 4 pairs of feet, brownish yellow, oval eggs and milky white(7 gallon flower pot). If mite foot 3 pairs, translucent, slightly white. It has strong tolerance to hunger and water. The above ground part of the damaged plant is withered and yellow, and the underground bulb is not long(large plastic planters uk); the damage of storage period causes the bulb rot and spreads various diseases. Harm Narcissus, lily, hyacinth, Tang tombstone, tulip, etc.

(thermoforming plastic seed trays suppliers jamaica)Control methods: root irrigation with 1000 times solution of 20% dicofol(10x20 plant trays); heat treatment of bulb root, such as soaking in 43c warm water for 1 hour, has certain control effect; soil disinfection and crop rotation. It mainly damages all kinds of Compositae plants. The female aphid is 1.5mm long, spindle shaped, reddish brown to dark brown, glossy(plant pot suppliers); the antennae are slightly longer than the body, the abdominal tube is cylindrical, and the end surface is reticulate.

The control methods were spraying 40% Omethoate 1000 times, 80% dichlorvos 1000 times, 20% fenpropathrin 2500 times, all had good effects(8 inch plastic pots). 3% carbofuran and 15% aldicarb could be applied to the roots at 15 ~ 20cm, about 1 ~ 2G. It is commonly known as leaf folder insect, which damages more than 100 kinds of garden flowers and plants, such as chrysanthemum, dahlia, sweet pea, guayeju, etc(wholesale plastic garden pots). Wing viviparous female aphid; slightly long, oval, dark reddish brown.

The female is 2-3 mm long and the male is smaller(disposable plastic plant pots). Dark gray, compound eyes large, reddish brown to dark brown. The feet are black and the ends of the legs are yellowish. The eggs are oval in length and gray in color. At the mature stage, the larvae are cylindric, 3 mm long, sister-shaped, yellowish white, and small head. If the aphid is reddish brown, with the increase of molting times, the body color deepened, like an adult(plastic plant pots wholesale). Commonly known as Taiwan thrips, it is widely distributed.

It overwinters in leaves by marriage or larva(2 gallon pots for plants). Only 1-2 eggs were laid on the same leaf, and 50-100 eggs could be produced in a lifetime. The eggs usually lay on the back of leaves near the edge. There are 10-20 generations of habits and damage symptoms in a year, and the breeding peaks are from April to May and from September to October(succulent plug trays). It is directly harmful to the tender parts such as buds, new leaves and flower buds, sucking plant juice.(thermoforming plastic seed trays suppliers jamaica)

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