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Thermoforming Plastic Seed Trays Suppliers Philippines

It is best not to choose the cruciferous and lettuce family(18 cell trays bulk), in order to reduce the occurrence of diseases and excessive nitrogen fertilizer caused by leaf vegetable stubble. If successive crops must be grafted with seedlings, the soil should be conditioned, and the crop residues and old plastic film of the previous crops should be removed promptly after the crops are harvested(72 cell plug flats). Re-watering to keep the soil moist during sowing.

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According to the characteristics of the varieties, generally plant 2500-2600 plants per mu, and they must be buried under the cotyledons when planting(36 cell trays bulk). Gently lift the seedling 2 cm to make the root straight. Gently press the soil around the seedling to stabilize the seedling. It is appropriate to expose cotyledons(large plastic nursery pots). Watering (warm water) after planting is beneficial to slow seedlings. Cover the mulch in time. Conditional plus small arch shed.

It grows slowly 20-25 days after planting, and management focuses on raising the ground temperature and preserving the greenhouse temperature to promote the early emergence of seedlings(40 cell trays bulk). Seedlings are not drought without watering, watering when drought is small. Watermelon half-day flowers, the best pollination within 2 hours after the male and female flowers bloom(heavy duty propagation trays). How to make sure that the watermelon sits on the melon.(thermoforming plastic seed trays suppliers philippines)

Increase soil permeability and oxygen content, promote rooting and lay a good foundation for high yield(40 cell tray in bulk). Three days after fertilization of a normal female flower, the young fruit swells significantly and the melon has a curved handle. For example, after 3 days of flowering and insemination, the growth is slow, the color is dark green, and the melon stem is not bent and slender(polystyrene plug plant trays). It is difficult for this female flower to sit on the melon. 3, leave melons in batches.

(thermoforming plastic seed trays suppliers philippines)Or build a scaffold two feet above the border surface and cover it with plastic film(51 cell trays bulk). Requires flat borders, finely divided soil particles, borders about 4 feet wide, and grooves 7 inches deep. In order to overcome the effects of high temperature in summer and autumn and thunderstorms, winter squash can be used in the shed after harvesting, only the root vines of winter melon are cut off(shallow germination trays), the vines and leaves on the shed are retained, and celery is planted under the shed.

Or after the celery was unearthed, keep some covered straw on the border surface of the bed, and then gradually pull out as the celery seedlings grow up(104 cell trays bulk). Apply 2-3 times thin liquid fertilizer before flowering, but do not apply too much fertilizer, otherwise it will be prone to diseases and insect pests(black plastic plant pots wholesale). For beautiful appearance and long flowering period, it is suitable for planting in flower beds and flower borders, and can also be used for potting or cutting flowers.

You should choose another female flower to sit on the melon in time(72 cell seed starting trays). The surface of the border is kept with some straw, which can reduce the impact of thunder shower on the border. Put the drain stone in the flower pot and pour two-thirds of the soil. The rest of the soil is first filled in a small bowl and sprinkled with seeds(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). Because the corn seeds are small, they are mixed with the soil at a ratio of 1: 100 and then poured Just enter the flower pot.

Cultivate and apply thin fertilizer twice before overwintering, and apply liquid fertilizer once before flowering(128 cell seedling start trays). Apply top dressing last time before flowering to promote the flowers to be colorful and open. Yumeiren's flowers are rich and colorful, and the thin petals when blooming are as thin as silk, smooth and silky, and the light corolla is like red silk flakes(bulk pots). Although there is no wind, it also seems to shake itself. When the wind is moving, it is flying.(thermoforming plastic seed trays suppliers philippines)

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