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Tiny Square Black Plastic Plant Pots In Bulk

Ginger soil is an important measure to determine the yield and quality of ginger(100mm plastic grow pots). It is suitable for the cultivation of soil, and ginger can grow robustly and achieve high yield. The roots of ginger grow in the soil, requiring dark and moist growth conditions, and the unearthed parts grow into stalks. So what are the methods of soil cultivation for ginger? Generally, the main seedlings in Jiangtian are 5%-10%(grower pot), and the first batch of branches can be used for the first time, and the soil is 5-6 cm high.

(tiny square black plastic plant pots in bulk)When the soil is irrigated for the second time(12.5cm plastic grow pots), there is not enough soil in the gully, and the ginger balls of the later branching bacteria are easy to expose the surface soil. When the main seedling has 2-3 branches, and the second batch of seedlings is not broken before the soil can be carried out for the second time, this time the soil is required to be cultivated higher(black nursery pots), and the soil is transferred to the base of the plant stem at the center of the plant.

To use the soil at the bottom of the trench(11cm plastic grow pots), you should not use the soil at the edge of the trench to prevent the ginger ball from showing the trench. When the soil is plucked for the second time, the depth of each sulcus should be uniform, so that it is possible to have water in the ditch when the high temperature is irrigated in summer. When the second time of soiling encounters high temperature, the temperature exceeds 35 degrees(plug trays for sale). The ginger field that can not be watered can be sprayed with water to make the soil moist and then cultivated.

(tiny square black plastic plant pots in bulk)When the soil is rooted(120mm plastic grow pots), the roots are broken, and the high temperature resistance of the plants is reduced, which may cause other diseases to occur. The first time the soil was 6-10 cm high, and the soil was ploughed to the periphery of the ridge, so that the soil around the ridge was slightly higher than the ridge. If the soil is not cultivated to the periphery of the ridge for the first time(72 cell propagation tray), it will be difficult to pour the soil to the periphery of the ridge when the soil is planted for the second time.

Because the first time the soil is not suitable for cultivation, the second batch of branching seedlings will be raised(110mm plastic grow pots). The length of ginger rhizome is affected by the height of the soil, the soil is high, and the rhizome is thin and long. Some farmers only cultivated soil once during the whole growth period of ginger, and the height of one-time cultivation is more than 20 cm(plant starter trays). Grow ginger on the sloping land, and use the soil above the ridge to cultivate the soil.(tiny square black plastic plant pots in bulk)

The branching seedlings and ginger balls grow out of the roots(12cm plastic grow pots), and after the absorption of fertilizer is enhanced, the second cultivation can be carried out. This time, the height of the wall soil should be determined according to the growth of the plant. The sloping field with tall stems and strong growth of plants has a height of 10-12 cm(3 gallon nursery pots), and the stems of the plants are short, and the growth rate is 6-8 cm. After 2 times of soiling, the root length of the plant is 15-20 cm.

(tiny square black plastic plant pots in bulk)The above are the three methods of soil cultivation when ginger is planted. When the soil is cultivated(plastic terracotta pots wholesale), the ginger seedling grows young, the plant grows weak, the rhizome is thin and long, and the commercial value of the ginger is lower. In the flat land, the ginger is planted in the ditch. When the soil is cultivated, the soil on both sides of the ditch can be used to cultivate the soil(2 gallon nursery pots). After 2 times of soiling, the ditch can be turned into a ridge, and the other methods are the same as those of the sloped soil. 

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