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Viagrow 1.5 Gallon Black Nursery Pots In Bulk

 In order to reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases and reduce the use of pesticides(5 gallon pot), the seeds are immersed in hot water at 70 °C for 10 min before sowing, and the mixture is continuously stirred. In order to save costs, domestic waste such as foam boxes, washbasins, plastic drums or boxes, jars, tires, wooden boxes, PVC pipes, etc. can be modified and utilized(plastic plant trays wholesale), but the materials should be considered whether the materials contain chemicals and heavy metals Pollution.(viagrow 1.5 gallon black nursery pots in bulk)

And the drainage must be good, so as to avoid poor drainage caused by lack of oxygen, poor growth, and even rotten dead seedlings(seed starting trays). Professional flower pots, flower troughs, planting bags and other materials have drainage holes at the bottom, and the planting carriers modified with domestic waste should be drilled at the bottom and the periphery with a drainage hole with a hole diameter of 0.5-1.0 cm to promote drainage(15 gallon pot). To reduce soil erosion, place some coarse gravel, tiles or pebbles on the drain holes.

(viagrow 1.5 gallon black nursery pots in bulk)There are two modes of balcony vegetables, such as soil planting and soil planting(square plastic plant pots). The so-called soilless planting is the technique of planting plants using substrates (such as peat, vermiculite, perlite, etc.) and nutrient solutions. The operation management is very convenient, the labor intensity is light, the vegetables grow fast, the yield is high(cheap 3 gallon plant pots), the pests and diseases are relatively small, but the quality taste is relatively poor. Soil cultivation is relative to soilless cultivation.

Among them, professional tools such as flowerpots(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), flower troughs, planting bags, etc., which are beautiful and easy to operate, are the best, but the cost is high. There are various kinds of carriers for planting balcony vegetables, and various objects can be used. Plants are cultivated in soil, and the nutrition of plants depends on the soil(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale). It has a good ability to maintain fertilizer and water retention, and the activities of various beneficial bacteria are beneficial to plant growth.

Therefore, the accumulated nutrient structure of the plant is excellent, and the quality taste is relatively good(nursery plant pots), but the pests and diseases are not easy to control. At present, the nutrient solution required for soilless planting is not easy to purchase, its composition is complicated, it is difficult to prepare, and some supporting facilities and equipment conditions are also needed(1 gallon plant pots). The soil is planted, which is cumbersome, labor intensive, and inconvenient to handle.(viagrow 1.5 gallon black nursery pots in bulk)

It must be ensured that it is strong enough to ensure the normal growth of vegetables after filling the soil or planting the substrate(plastic terracotta pots). Take out and dry to seed.For comprehensive consideration, it is recommended to use soil and substrate cultivation methods. The soil should be taken from the vegetable soil with high organic matter content, no pest source, neutral, breathable and refreshing water(1.5 gallon nursery pots wholesale), fully matured, and should be exposed to the sun for disinfection and sterilization before being mixed and mixed.

(viagrow 1.5 gallon black nursery pots in bulk)The water temperature is lowered to 30 ° C(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), and the soaking is continued for 3 to 4 h, and then washed. Mix the soil with peat or coco peat as a planting substrate in a ratio of 1:1. In addition to the large amount of fast-growing vegetables such as pakchoi, the seeds are germinated fast, generally do not need germination(2 gallon plant pots), and other vegetable seeds such as pepper, tomato, eggplant, cucumber When the germination is slower, it can be germinated.

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