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Viagrow 2 Gallon Plastic Nursery Pots Bulk Buy

Production personnel need to pay attention to reasonable fertilization when applying fertilizer(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), taking base fertilizer as the main body, using topdressing as an auxiliary, and applying base fertilizer. When the base fertilizer is used, the production personnel should apply a large amount of high-quality organic fertilizer(50 cell plug flats). Organic fertilizer has the advantages of low cost, fertility and fertility, improved soil and good yield-increasing effects.(viagrow 2 gallon plastic nursery pots bulk buy)

The use of grass ash by production personnel can play a role in reducing soil moisture(plastic plant trays wholesale), increasing fertility, loosening the soil, and improving ground temperature, effectively avoiding the occurrence of diseases and contributing to economic benefits. It will not only damage vegetable plants, but also maintain the light transmittance at around 90%, reducing the shading caused by greenhouse vegetables(1020 microgreen trays). The impact is to ensure the photosynthesis of vegetables.

In order to prevent the onset of vegetables(gallon pot), production personnel need to reapply phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, and pay attention to the scale when applying nitrogen fertilizer. The drip-free membrane has the characteristics of long life, heat preservation, crack prevention, no dripping, good light transmission, etc(40 cell seed starting trays). Avoid the vicious circle of “water droplets” to “water vapor” to “water drops” in vegetable greenhouses. 

(viagrow 2 gallon plastic nursery pots bulk buy)Compared with the ordinary film, the same thickness and no drop film can increase the indoor temperature by about five degrees Celsius in time(nursery plant pots). Secondly, greenhouse vegetables have the characteristics of continuous cropping, closure, high temperature and high humidity, which provide just the right climatic conditions for pests and diseases(72 cell seed starter trays), and have a serious negative impact on the yield and quality of vegetables. It is imperative to prevent greenhouse vegetable pests and diseases.

It must be applied deep and fermented with organic fertilizer(seed starting trays). It is necessary to strengthen the management of water and fertilizer, improve the disease resistance of vegetables, and promote the healthy growth of vegetable crops. In addition, it can also strengthen the temperature and humidity control of the greenhouse, reduce the humidity of the greenhouse to the maximum extent(20 cell seed starting trays), and avoid creating a suitable environment for the spread of the disease.

In addition, the vegetable sheds in the autumn and winter seasons are tightly closed and the soil moisture is large(plastic terracotta pots). In the prevention and control of pests and diseases, prevention should be the main body of work and production is required. Personnel choose high-quality disease-resistant vegetable varieties, strengthen field management, rationally rotate and smash, remove diseased leaves(50 cell seed starter trays), diseased fruits and diseased branches in time, take them out from the shed and carry out centralized treatment.

(viagrow 2 gallon plastic nursery pots bulk buy)Finally, in the process of laminating, the production personnel must tighten and level the no-drop film(square grow pots). Production personnel can rationally improve prevention and control technology and select high-efficiency drugs to prevent and cure diseases. The 50 seeds of carbendazim 500 were soaked in vegetable seeds(18 cell seed starting trays). Implement disease monitoring and its occurrence forecast, and implement spraying control in the early stage of vegetable disease. 

The development of greenhouse vegetable production has become one of the new growth points of agriculture and rural economic development(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). When the production staff chooses the soup to soak the seeds and vegetables, it is necessary to choose a sunny day before planting to spread the vegetable seeds in the sun for three to four hours(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). When the production personnel control the eggplant verticillium wilt and cucumber blight, you can choose the percentage.

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