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White Plastic Hanging Baskets Manufacturers USA

Therefore, only for the regeneration and rejuvenation of old plants in a planned way, can we achieve the goal of strong age, high and stable yield(gallon nursery pots). It can also be used as a special seeder for traditional Chinese medicine to adjust the width and depth, and complete the work of trenching, sowing, covering and compacting in one step(seedling trays wholesale). It can be used for direct seeding, seedling transplanting and rhizome propagation.

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As the saying goes, the method of replacing the stump with cauliflower is to replace all the old plants of cauliflower at one time(cell trays): that is to say, dig out all the old plants of cauliflower, pick them away from the local area, plough the cauliflower garden for 60-80cm, apply sufficient basal fertilizer in combination with deep ploughing layer by layer(seed propagation trays), and spread 30-35kg of lime per mu to disinfect and kill bacteria before deep ploughing the soil.(white plastic hanging baskets manufacturers usa)

As a high-yield crop, sweet potato is loved by farmers(propagation tray). It is a good time to plant sweet potato before and after the rain. Sweet potato is a kind of root crops. The soil should not only be loose, but also be turned deep for the expansion of the root. Sweet potatoes like sandy loam and sandy soil with good porosity, aeration and drainage performance(seed starting trays supplier). Because sweet potato is resistant to barren land, it is usually planted in the relatively barren and sandy places such as hillside.

From the last ten days of March to the first ten days of April, adopt the method of strip sowing(square nursery pots), according to the row spacing of 20-25cm, the depth of the ditch is 2cm, evenly sprinkle the seeds into the ditch, after sowing, cover the soil and flatten it. After sowing, watering is not needed if the land is wet(40 cell plug tray wholesale). According to the row spacing of 10-15cm and the depth of the ditch of 2cm, sow, cover the soil and level it, and pay attention to watering to keep the field moist.

(white plastic hanging baskets manufacturers usa)After the seedling plot is plowed, raked and thinned, the border is 1.0-1.5m wide and 5-6m long(plug trays). After sowing, the whole rhizome is dug out in the spring of the second year and transplanted to the whole field. For Atractylodes macrocephala, whether it is direct seeding or seedling transplanting, except for the remaining seeds(4.5inch square nursery pots), the flower buds should be removed to concentrate nutrients on the roots and promote the growth of the roots.

From March to April or from September to October(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), combine with harvest, dig the rhizome, shake off the soil, cut the rhizome into small pieces, leave 2-3 buds in each small piece, and then plant it in a good cultivation border, with row spacing of 27-30cm and plant spacing of 15cm. After covering the soil, water it(2.5inch square nursery pots). The rhizome amount per mu is about 80kg. Can use Chinese herbal medicine weeding machine to loosen soil and weed.

There is no need for thinning seedlings in the plot for seedling raising in the shed and the field for transplanting, but it is necessary for direct seeding(gallon nursery pots). Atractylodes should be dense rather than sparse. After sowing and watering in spring, when the ground is a little dry, the closing medicine dimethylpentyl [jishanhuayao] can be sprayed(4.5inch deep square pots), which can effectively control the annual grass weeds and some broad-leaved weeds.(white plastic hanging baskets manufacturers usa)

When the height of seedlings is 5-6cm, one seedling can be used between them(flat plastic tray), and it is better not to be crowded. If there is a lack of seedlings, they should be filled in time. After the emergence of Atractylodes lanceolata, no matter the seedling transplanting or rhizome propagation(3.5inch square nursery pots), it is necessary to loosen soil and weed in time to promote the extension of root system and benefit the growth of Atractylodes lanceolata seedlings.

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