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Wholesale 15 Gallon Planting Pots In Canada

So what about the yellowing of eggplant leaves(4 inch nursery pots)? What is the cause? Although the control effect is good, the fertilizer usually occurs on cloudy days or when it turns fine, the farmers use a lot of unfertilized farmyard manure, and the fertilizer is improperly used. It will cause a large amount of ammonia gas in the field. When the amount of ammonia is too much, it will affect the growth of eggplant(seed trays). If it is not ventilated in time, it may cause ammonia poisoning of eggplant.(wholesale 15 gallon planting pots in canada)

When using the medicine for eggplant, it is necessary to control the variety and dosage of the medicine according to the problem of eggplant, the weather and the growth of eggplant(20 gallon plastic pots). Pay special attention to the use of drugs such as Shijiale, but pay attention to the concentration and use time, not in the morning and evening. Because the stomata opening and closing of eggplant plants in these two time periods is small(germination flats), the efficacy will be inhibited, and the use of evening will increase the humidity and increase the incidence of disease.

(wholesale 15 gallon planting pots in canada)Some people should spray the defensive foliar fertilizer in time after the phytotoxicity(plug plant trays). If the time is found, the water can be sprayed on the leaf surface to relieve the phytotoxicity. The medicinal agent should be controlled according to the growth of the plant and various factors. For use, special attention should be paid to the concentration of the drug(plastic flower pots manufacturers). The concentration of the drug is the main cause of yellowing of the eggplant leaves.

The yellow leaves of eggplant are mainly based on prevention(2 gallon plastic nursery pots). For example, when the magnesium deficiency occurs, the middle and lower leaves of the eggplant plant will start to yellow and gradually develop upward, and if the iron is deficient, it will be in the plant(shallow germination trays). The top leaves begin to yellow, generally in the soil is too acidic or too fat and too wet will lead to iron deficiency, so the yellow leaves caused by the lack of supplements according to the specific missing elements.

(wholesale 15 gallon planting pots in canada)Not only when the eggplant has a yellow leaf phenomenon due to deficiency, it will have different yellow leaf phenomenon(plastic garden pots). It is hot on sunny days, the diseased plants are wilting, and it can be recovered at night or in rainy days. The cross-section of the stems and the vascular bundles in the diseased area are brown(plant germination trays). After the phytotoxicity, the temperature between the sheds can be appropriately increased to protect the roots of the eggplant plants.

The above is the introduction of the cause of the yellowing of eggplant leaves and the prevention and treatment methods(square succulent pots). In the process of planting, it is necessary to strengthen management to avoid unnecessary loss of eggplant yellow leaves. It can be applied to Haili (one barrel per 667 square meters) to keep the plant growing robust and improve disease resistance(2.5 inch plastic plant pots). Spraying a Harvester No. 1 conditioning agent every 7 to 10 days will make the plant robust and resistant to disease.

In the early stage of the disease(succulent pots in bulk), 1000 to 1500 times of the copper preparation was added in time, and the root was mixed with 800 times of the first batch, and 100 ml per plant was filled. At the same time, the foliar spray of succinated acid and copper is added to the first harvest, sprayed once every 7 to 10 days, and even sprayed 2 to 3 times(plastic flower pots wholesale). Choose pharmaceutical control. Another is to choose resistant varieties. Implement a reasonable rotation.(wholesale 15 gallon planting pots in canada)

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