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Wholesale 3 Inch Plastic Succulent Nursery Pots

Whether it is a professional farmer or a balcony family, you know that you need to split the seeds of the coriander before sowing(plastic nursery pots). Because a ball of coriander seeds contains two semi-circular units, each one They can grow up and grow up separately, so it seems that there is no objection to planting after separation(15cm plastic grow pots). At the same time, parsley can be planted all year round, but it is difficult to grow in high temperature in summer, with slow growth and low yield.

The germination seeding can be emerged more than 5 days earlier than the live broadcast(plastic nursery pots wholesale). After emergence and time seedlings, 3~4 true leaves can be fixed or transplanted, and the seedling distance is 5~6cm. What needs to be noted every day is that the seeds of coriander have a round and relatively hard outer shell. They are basically two together(16cm plastic grow pots). If the shell is not broken, the seed absorbs water slowly, the soaking time is longer, and the germination resistance is very high. Big.

(wholesale 3 inch plastic succulent nursery pots)Seed treatment: variety selection(black plastic nursery pots). There are lobular varieties and large leaf varieties. Cultivation season. It can be cultivated all year round, and the most suitable is autumn and winter. Seed treatment. Put on latex gloves, soak for 48 seconds with 48 ° warm water, then add cold water to reduce the water temperature to room temperature and soak for 12 to 15 hours(16.5cm plastic grow pots). Wrap the soaked seeds in a damp cloth and place them under germination for about 5 days at 18 to 20 degrees.

The dried seeds are broadcast live for about 15 to 20 days(cell trays). Wash them once with water and wait until the seeds are 80% white. Seeding method: Open the package and take out other products other than the non-woven fabric. Pry the seeds for soaking and germination. Note that when seeding, dry seeds can be broadcasted or germinated and then sown(19cm plastic grow pots). To facilitate budding, gently pry the seeds apart. Coriander can be broadcast live or transplanted.(wholesale 3 inch plastic succulent nursery pots)

The nonwoven fabric was placed on the bottom of the basin, and the lid was placed in the bottom of the basin as a bottom(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Pour the bagged coco pour into the pot, leave a small amount of substrate on the scale line inside the bag, and level the surface of the substrate in the pot. The substrate is evenly ground with a container of tap water until a small amount of water seeps out at the bottom and the substrate is leveled(20cm plastic grow pots). After rinsing the gloves, remove the bottle and pour it into your hand.

Use a bottle to press 4 pits with a depth of 25px on the surface of the substrate(23cm plastic grow pots), put 1-3 seeds in each pit, then bury the pit, and take a small amount of dry matrix to cover the surface with a thickness of ≤0.125px(6.35cm square grow pots). The covered substrate is wetted with a high-pressure watering can (the effluent is adjusted to a spray state) (the watering angle and distance are adjusted during the watering process to prevent the substrate covering the seed from being washed away and affecting the seed germination).

(wholesale 3 inch plastic succulent nursery pots)Seeds are sown on finely divided culture soil, covering about 1 cm of soil, taking care to maintain temperature and humidity(wholesale nursery pots). The top dressing should be applied to the hole or the ditch, and the water should be poured in time after the top dressing. It is forbidden to spread the fertilizer on the surface(8.89cm square grow pots). In the seedling stage, a small amount of quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer is generally applied as a seedling fertilizer after the seedling is fixed.

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