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Wholesale 4 Inch Succulent Pots Online

The virus disease develops rapidly and is immediately removed and taken to the outside of the shed for destruction(propagation tray), so as not to spread in the shed, causing more serious losses. Strengthen water and fertilizer management, pruning and smashing in time, cultivate robust plants and enhance disease resistance(wholesale greenhouse pots). Recently, it has been found that some tomato farmers have signs of tomato virus disease in the shed, and some of them are more serious.(wholesale 4 inch succulent pots online)

 In the early stage of tomato TY virus disease(gallon nursery pots), growth retardation, internode shortening, plant dwarfing, upper leaves become smaller, thicker, wrinkled, upward curling deformation, leaf edge to vein area yellowing, lower leaf symptoms are not obvious.Tobacco meal has the ability to move, and it is necessary to strengthen the unified management of pruning and chemical control(greenhouse supplies pots), and reduce the movement of tobacco powder between adjacent fields.

(wholesale 4 inch succulent pots online)Tomato yellow leaf curl virus disease is mostly transmitted by B tabaci and aphids(plug trays). In addition, for the future planting of autumn and winter tomato, it is recommended to adjust the sowing date, especially the autumn and winter tomato, the general seedlings in July-August, the summer temperature is high, prone to disease(plastic grow pots), can delay the sowing period, at the end of August or early September, can be effective Reduce the incidence of tomato virus disease.

At the same time, the selection of resistant varieties is the most effective way to resist viral diseases(black plastic plant pots). Therefore, in the middle and late stages of plant growth, the lower old leaves can also be properly removed to reduce nutrient consumption and improve ventilation and light transmission. The relative water content of the substrate is generally controlled at 60%-80%(18 cell propagation trays wholesale).  Fill the pre-wet substrate with the trays, and the cells should be clearly visible after loading.

(wholesale 4 inch succulent pots online)Once identified, the diseased plant is removed as soon as possible(gallon plant pot). The yellow and blue plates are suspended for physical trapping, and the avermectin and pymetrozine are sprayed for chemical control. Or placed on the nursery bed frame, once the tomato has disease, the root raft is formed(flat plastic tray). First, the root system is thick and developed, the root system is developed, the substrate is tightly entangled, and the water can be sprayed after emergence. 

Form a complete root, not divergent. The whole seedlings are neat and uniform(square nursery pots). Generally, spring seedlings are 48 days to 55 days old; and summer and autumn seedlings are 30 days to 35 days old. However, because the seeds are slender and flat, it is now possible to prevent flowering and falling fruit by using 10-20ppm2,4-D liquid soaking or smearing in the flowering period(36 cell propagation trays wholesale), or spraying with 20-30ppm of tomato spirit.(wholesale 4 inch succulent pots online)

It is necessary to take timely measures to prevent and cure. Identify diseases in a timely manner(cell trays). Fertilizer application should be carried out in the morning or evening. After the cotyledons of tomato seedlings are flattened, combined with watering, fertilization with foliar fertilizer “Bao Lifeng”, the concentration is controlled at 2‰-5‰(40 cell propagation trays wholesale), fertilizer is used at the first leaf stage, and with the increase of seedling age, the fertilizer concentration can be gradually increased Big.

(wholesale 4 inch succulent pots online)The tray code is placed on the nursery car of the germination chamber(seed starter trays). The plate is covered with white mulch and other materials to moisturize. The daytime temperature is controlled at 28-30 °C, and the night temperature is controlled at 23-25 °C. When the seeds are exposed to about 60%(40 cell plug tray wholesale), the covering such as the mulch film is removed in time. Xia Qiuqi chose a 105-hole tray, and the winter spring used a 72-hole tray.

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