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Wholesale 6 Inch Plastic Nursery Pots Online

In the summer, cooling measures such as adjusting the wet curtain, the front exhaust fan(105 cell plant trays bulk), the inner circulation fan and the sunshade net can be adopted; in winter, the seedlings can be insulated and covered with quilts, indoor multi-layer covering and other insulation measures. The green onion has moderate illumination requirements, the light compensation point is 1 200 lx, and the light saturation point is 25 000 lx(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). 

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(wholesale 6 inch plastic nursery pots online)The use of a special leaf-cutting machine for leaf-cutting treatment before the onion seedlings tend to fall down can effectively prevent the onion from falling (Fig. 5) and meet the mechanical colonization requirements(128 cell plant trays bulk). In winter or early spring, water is poured once every 2 to 3 days (days) according to the evaporation of water.

The number of cutting leaves is preferably 1 or 2 times, and it is not suitable for over-frequency, otherwise it is easy to form weak seedlings. Planted with VP-100 green onion transplanter (Fig. 6), the planting distance was 70 cm(nursery plant pots), and the number of onion seedlings per plant was 30,000 m to 33,000. In order to promote the growth of seedlings, the spraying device is also used to supplement the fertilizer during the seedling stage.

The growth temperature of green onions is 20 to 25 °C during the day and 10 to 15 °C during the night(162 cell plug trays supplier). At noon in summer, the shade is covered by covering the shade net or spraying lime water on the surface of the shed film. The plant can be used to place the roots of the whole plate seedlings with the drugs such as carbendazim, flavonoids and imidacloprid. Light management can be carried out with reference to the illuminance meter.

The diseases of green onion seedlings mainly include rickets, bacterial soft rot, epidemic diseases, downy mildew, yellow strip virus disease, gray mold disease, root rot, etc. Chemical agents or biological methods should be used in combination with the occurrence of diseases and environmental changes(large plastic terracotta pots). When the amount of evaporation in summer is large, it can be poured once in the morning and evening.(wholesale 6 inch plastic nursery pots online)

Pre-planting foliar sprayed copper preparations and other protective agents, and can be used for the treatment of serious sputum(seed starting trays). Soaked in the substrate to be wet), heavy sputum is not serious(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The effective live bacteria can be 8×10 10 CFU·mL -1 of Bacillus licheniformis or Woyido compound microbial agent to increase plant resistance and promote growth.

Cutting leaves is an important technical measure for the seedlings of the onion(200 cell plug trays supplier). Prevent in advance. The seedling pests mainly include aphids, thrips, onion flies, leafminers, beet armyworms, etc., and physical control measures such as insecticidal lamps, yellow plates(plastic plant trays wholesale), and blue plates should be used in time, and chemical control should be carried out when necessary.

(wholesale 6 inch plastic nursery pots online)The operation is simple(square grow pots), the moisture content in the soil is small, and the absolute fruit trees have a small amount of water demand, and some acidic peat soil or cultivated soil is filled in the bottom of the planting hole, and it is better to use the upper surface pond or the reservoir, etc. Polluted water source, no watering in rainy weather(50 cell plug trays supplier). 

Promote seedlings to grow long, but not too much water at one time(200 cell plant trays bulk). 3 to 5 days before planting (days) to reduce the amount of watering and extend the ventilation time of the nursery shed to refine the seedlings, so that the relative water content of the substrate is maintained at about 50%. This can avoid the seedlings falling during the planting and affecting the quality of the planting(72 cell plant trays bulk). 

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