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Wholesale 7 Gallon Plastic Nursery Plant Pots UK

Chestnut is a fruit tree with high manganese content(black nursery pots). Fertilization can ensure that the chestnut is superior in quality and high yield. The chestnut is the same as other fruit trees in the fertilizer. The difference is that in addition to the sufficient nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium factors, it is particularly sensitive to the important medium amount of elemental magnesium and a small amount of elemental manganese and boron(3 gallon nursery pots), which will cause serious physiological obstacles and affect growth and development.

The leaf with normal growth and development has a manganese content of 1000-2500 mg/kg(grower pot). If it is less than 1000 mg/kg, leaf yellowing occurs and growth is hindered. If magnesium deficiency or supply is insufficient, chlorosis will appear between the veins, and the faded part will gradually turn brown and die. Boron is an important element in promoting pollen germination(2 gallon nursery pots), pollen tube growth and ovary development. Boron deficiency in the soil can lead to empty space.(wholesale 7 gallon plastic nursery plant pots uk)

According to the survey(plug trays for sale), the effective boron content of the soil is 0.56 ~ 0.87 mg / kg of chestnut garden, the result is normal, the open rate is only 3% ~ 6.9%; the content of 0.2 ~ 0.4 mg / kg of chestnut, due to low production, open The rate is as high as 44% to 81%. When chestnut is planted, each plant is doped with 100 grams of boron sand in the base fertilizer. After planting, it sprays 350 times of borax water every year in June, and the fruit is fruited in three years(cheap nursery pots), which is two years earlier than the application of boron and no boron.

(wholesale 7 gallon plastic nursery plant pots uk)The amount of NPK is large and the absorption period is different(small plastic plant pots). Among them, the absorption of fruit during the rapid expansion period is the most, and it is gradually reduced after harvesting. The absorption time of phosphorus is stable from flowering to harvesting, but the absorption is small, and the absorption time is shorter than that of nitrogen and potassium(cheap plastic flower pots). However, phosphorus is extremely important for the performance and yield of chestnut.

Fertilization is the main source of nutrients for chestnut(72 cell propagation tray). The absorption of nitrogen is large and long, and it is continuously absorbed from the beginning of germination to the harvest of fruit. The fruit is absorbed most during the hypertrophy period and decreases sharply after harvesting. Therefore, it is necessary to control the fertilizer characteristics and fertilization points of chestnut(plastic nursery plant pots). This article gives you a detailed introduction to the fertilizer characteristics and fertilization points of chestnut. 

(wholesale 7 gallon plastic nursery plant pots uk)The phosphorus content in the new shoots is 2420 mg/kg(plastic nursery pots for sale), the phosphorus content in the low-yield garden is only 1-9 mg/kg, and the phosphorus content in the new shoots is as low as 1360 mg/kg. It can be seen that the effect of phosphorus on the yield is great. Phosphorus is a substance that promotes flower bud differentiation, fruit development, seed maturation, and quality. Potassium is absorbed from the small amount before flowering(plant growing pots), and gradually increases after flowering.

It is determined that the soil available phosphorus content in the fruit-producing garden is as high as 20.18~27.00 mg/kg(plant starter trays), which proves that in the annual growth cycle, from the male flower differentiation in the early spring to the flowering During this period of fruit setting, nitrogen is most needed, potassium is less, and phosphorus is less; after flowering, the fruit needs the most phosphorus, followed by nitrogen and potassium; when the fruit is thick to harvest, it needs the most potassium(half gallon container), followed by nitrogen, and less phosphorus. .

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