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Wholesale Big Plastic Flower Pots Manufacturers USA

At the same time, from the beginning of October to the beginning of December, the soil can be carried out before freezing(plug trays). The base fertilizer types include chicken manure, cake fertilizer, human excrement, soil fertilizer, calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, etc., and some quick-acting fertilizers are added(square nursery pots). The amount of base fertilizer should generally reach more than 60% of the total fertilization amount for the whole year.(wholesale big plastic flower pots manufacturers usa)

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Different periods are divided into: top dressing before flowering (finger-feeding fertilizer) and fruit fertilizer after flowering(greenhouse supplies pots). After the flower falls, the young fruit grows rapidly, and the new shoots and leaves are accelerating growth. It requires a lot of fertilizer. At this time, the application of fertilizer has an important effect on the fruit, the shoot and the enlargement of the canopy(seed starter trays). It has a good result for the current year and the coming year.

(wholesale big plastic flower pots manufacturers usa)Top dressing before flowering, before germination, the volume increases rapidly, mainly based on nitrogen fertilizer(propagation tray). Mainly adopt two methods of full application, trenching and fertilization. There are also different types of topdressing and time due to different ages(plastic grow pots). They are divided into two categories: topdressing in sapling stage and topdressing in adult stage. Flower bud physiological differentiation will have a great relationship.

Especially since the tree has just been planted, in the first three years of the results, it is mainly based on the expansion of the canopy and root system(wholesale greenhouse pots). Generally, the top dressing of kiwi fruit and the top dressing in the late fruit growth stage are especially important for improving yield and fruit quality(flat plastic tray). Foliar spray fertilizer, also known as root top dressing, is sprayed on the back or leaf surface of the leaf with low-concentration fertilizer solution.

Peanut in the flowering, lower needle-pod period(gallon plant pot), in addition to spraying the fruit in the timely manner, strengthen the directional delivery of nutrients, can make the fruit fruit expand quickly, high yield. Use a piece of sputum, 20-30 cm away from the main root, hit a hole of about 30 cm deep, put a proper amount of three-element compound fertilizer, and seal it with wet soil(40 cell plug tray wholesale), if you make a hole on each side of the ridge, the effect Better.(wholesale big plastic flower pots manufacturers usa)

It is an auxiliary fertilization method(cell trays). Each of the 4 year old trees can be administered with 0.25-0.3 kg of potassium dihydrogen phosphate. Fruits should be applied early after harvesting. In order to adapt to the characteristics of this period, the amount of topdressing should be less, and the number of topdressing should be more(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). In the late stage of fruit growth, topdressing is the best fruit fertilizer, which is applied roughly 6 to 7 weeks before fruit ripening.

For soils with strong acidity, low total phosphorus content, insufficient phosphorus nutrition for peanuts(gallon nursery pots), and affecting the growth and development of peanuts, spraying phosphorus fertilizer outside the roots can make up for the deficiency of soil phosphorus nutrients(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). The specific spraying method is as follows: firstly soak the superphosphate in water for 15 to 24 hours, then take the upper clear liquid, and then add water to prepare a 1% to 2% aqueous solution for filtration.

(wholesale big plastic flower pots manufacturers usa)Spraying phosphate fertilizer during this period generally increases production by about 15%(black plastic plant pots). Spraying should be carried out on a cloudy or sunny afternoon, and with the application of a new high-fat film 800 times liquid to improve the utilization rate of the effective components of the nutrient, spray once every 7 to 10 days, continuously 2 to 3 times, spraying the solution per acre About 100 kg(9cm plastic grow pots). The leaf can be directly absorbed, and the dosage is less effective. 

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