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Wholesale Big Plastic Garden Pots For Trees

Asparagus is rich in nutrition, the market price is considerable, and the planting area continues to expand(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). However, in the process of asparagus development, the following abnormal signs should be understood in advance to avoid their occurrence. The imbalance of nutrition ratio will also form asparagus hollow(nursery grow bags). Therefore, special attention should be paid to the selection of varieties suitable for local cultivation.

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If the soil is too wet or the drainage is not good(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), the varieties that are not easy to be hollow should be selected before planting, and the method of Mulching with plastic film should be adopted to increase the soil temperature and reduce the temperature difference, properly apply fertilizer and reduce the hollow signs(20 inch plastic planter). Too old or too young plants, high temperature and drought, improper fertilization will cause the bitter taste of buds to increase.

(wholesale big plastic garden pots for trees)In the process of planting, the height of the soil ridge shall be moderate(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale), the inner part shall be loose and the outer part shall be compacted to avoid light transmission; the soil ridge shall be collected in real time and covered with black cloth to avoid light(65 gallon grow bags). The ridge shape was restored by real-time soil cultivation. The bitter taste of tender stem is not only related to varieties, but also affected by natural conditions.

It is important to provide enough nitrogen fertilizer to prevent and control the occurrence of diseases and insect pests in real time(square nursery pots). Proper soil moisture should be maintained to avoid the water supply from big to small. The plants will crack even if they grow in vain, so the P and K fertilizer should be increased(200 gallon grow bags). Asparagus planted on sandy soil or clay soil tends to show signs of bending. If the soil is not properly cultivated, it will also show signs of bending.(wholesale big plastic garden pots for trees)

Therefore, the humidity in the field should be strictly controlled(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale). When there is excessive water, the water should be drained in real time. Organic fertilizer may not be used before harvesting. There are also many reasons for the formation of young stem aging(plastic tree pots wholesale). There are many young stem fibers and hard texture on the old, weak and sick plants; high temperature and drought, lack of nitrogen fertilizer, diseases and insect pests will form young stem aging..

(wholesale big plastic garden pots for trees)According to the test, it needs 5.3-7.3kg pure nitrogen, 1.0-1.8kg phosphorus pentoxide and 1.3-4.0kg potassium oxide to produce 100kg soybean(black plastic plant pots). Therefore, the best base fertilizer per mu is about 3T of farmyard fertilizer, 50kg of bio organic compound fertilizer or 2025kg of Hefei compound fertilizer(9 inch plant pot). In addition, 50-60kg potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution of 0.2-0.3% should be sprayed per mu during the pod setting period.

Often long-term water accumulation in the field and application of unripe organic fertilizer before harvest will cause rust spots on young stems(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). In order to eliminate fertilizer damage as early as possible, a 500 fold solution of Huimanfeng active liquid fertilizer containing strong active substances can be sprayed(smart grow pots). Topdressing: topdressing 3-5kg of urea before flowering or at the initial flowering stage. Therefore, we should pay attention to the choice of plot and soil quality when planting.

Second, 10 kg / mu of jiaston soil disinfectant can be applied(cell trays). Three can spray 10-40mg / kg growth regulator "920". Four can spray plant growth accelerator "802" 6000 times liquid. In addition to the above measures, the clear water should be sprayed twice and three times, and the "three ditches" should be opened, the water should be poured quickly and the water should be drained quickly(smart grow bags), so as to reduce the concentration of fertilizer solution.(wholesale big plastic garden pots for trees)

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