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Wholesale Black Large Plastic Garden Pots For Trees

In addition, cucumber seedlings suffer from freezing damage, such as dry basin soil, which can be watered in time with a watering can(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). When the seedlings are exposed to the sun, the temperature in the facility rises rapidly, while the ground temperature rises slowly(20 cell trays bulk). When the stems and leaves of the seedlings evaporate a lot of water, the temperature rises suddenly after low temperature, which is easy to cause damage.

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Because of the change of bad weather(plastic nursery pots), the cell solution concentration of the strong seedlings is higher than that of the long seedlings, which is not easy to freeze, so the cold resistance ratio of the strong seedlings is higher than that of the long seedlings. If the seedlings are strong, they are more vulnerable to frost damage(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). When there is a possibility of cold current, the weather will gradually warm on the eve of planting.(wholesale black large plastic garden pots for trees)

When the seedlings grow to 4-5 compound leaves, they can be transplanted to the field or breeding nursery with soil for further cultivation(wholesale nursery pots). Shade properly. If there is no heat preservation cover, start to let out the wind before the sun comes out. Stop in vitro culture, the seedlings are all developed from virus-free meristem tip(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). It is better to use electric hotbed or factory nursery for temporary warming. When the seedlings grow 1-2 leaves, they can grow. 

(wholesale black large plastic garden pots for trees)Before planting, especially the seedbed with the cover removed and ready for planting(plug trays), or the seedbed with transparent cover but no thermal insulation cover at night, will suffer the most when encountering the cold current below o ° C. Once the north wind stops suddenly, cover shall be prepared and covered for heat preservation(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). If there is a cold current temperature of 0 ° C or 0t, take measures to prevent and keep warm immediately.

Because of the fear of the seedlings being frozen, the seedbed is afraid of ventilation(112 cell trays bulk). When the cold wave comes, the air electric heating line can also be set up between the seedlings on the ground, which can improve the local microclimate temperature around the seedlings and effectively prevent the freezing damage(50 cell seed starter trays). During the period of seedling training, in case of a sudden cold current attack, a little negligence will freeze all the seedlings in a short time, causing undue losses.

Pay attention to the weather change(black plastic nursery pots), or light an open fire around the seedbed to improve the air temperature, so as to prevent the seedbed from cold attack, but pay attention not to let the open fire fall on the plastic film or thermal insulation cover to prevent fire. Strengthen the management of frostbitten cucumber seedlings(72 cell seed starter trays). Do not remove all opaque coverings the next morning after the occurrence of frostbite.(wholesale black large plastic garden pots for trees)

After transplanting, some seedlings have weak resistance before slow seedling (live tree), or they can put the tile basin or sowing tray in the water tank(288 cell trays bulk), and they can emerge about two weeks later. The seedlings can be divided into nutrient pots, one for each pot, placed in the seedling bed, and carefully cultivated(seed propagation trays). Generally, the field can be planted in spring and autumn, and the field can only be planted in spring next year.

(wholesale black large plastic garden pots for trees)As a result, the temperature in the bed is high(cell trays). When sowing, the seeder should be filled with sufficient bottom water, and the seedlings should be raised in a cold bed with a small arch covered in a big shed. Use tissue culture method to preserve germplasm resources(18 cell seed starting trays). Because of the large variation of seed reproduction offspring, in production, use a blade to cut the peel and seeds together, and put them into the water, because the raspberry seeds are small.

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