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Wholesale Cheap Large Fabric Pots

For the application of strong sputum, according to the standard dosage of the strong sputum, use a little 5/6~5/7(black plastic nursery pots). The remaining strong seedlings are used after the seedlings. If the total dosage of the strong scorpion in a greenhouse is 6-7 bags, 5 bags can be raised on the soil and 1~2 bags after the seedlings(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). In the rice seedlings, after the sowing of the soil, the strong sputum can be used to raise the rice seedlings on the plate soil according to the use of the strong sputum agent per unit area.

(wholesale cheap large fabric pots)At present, it is more labor-saving to use the fertilizer-fertilizer to strengthen the tincture, and the Yang is also relatively uniform(plug trays wholesale). The disadvantage is that the use of a fattening device to strengthen the sputum and sputum, the uneven size of the granules will be different. It is also possible to mix a strong stagnation agent according to the dosage, and mix a part of the fine tidal soil. After the sputum soil is broadcasted, it is raised on the soil(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). Then, water is sprayed on the soil with a micro-spray until it is poured into the bed for about 15 cm, or the bottom is attached, then planted, and then covered with soil.

However, it should be noted that the sturdy sputum on the sputum soil must be a dry bed dry seedling bed(wholesale nursery pots). The sturdy sputum agent will have a large amount of water percolation and will not burn the seedlings! If the seedbed is particularly wet or re-slurry, the watering is less, The strong sputum agent is not easy to infiltrate and is easy to burn. If the sturdy sputum table is applied to the paddy soil of rice seedlings, then watering, sowing, and soil-covering methods(50 cell seed starter trays), when pouring water for two times, it must be sprayed with micro-spraying, or slowly poured with an ultra-fine porous atomizing nozzle.

(wholesale cheap large fabric pots)In recent years, first water is poured once, so that the surface of the strong sputum and the soil is damp(plastic nursery pots), so that the sturdy sputum is first. Do not form blisters or runoff on the surface of the pan. After a few minutes of pouring, the water can be seen on the surface of the soil, and there should be no blisters and runoff. Let the carrier in the strong sputum agent be yin and yin, powder and powder, and chemicalize, and other small water-soluble components can be dissolved(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). However, larger granules of fertilizer and carrier can be seen.

Let the water dissolve partially, let the carrier "crush and flower", and then water the third time(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The watering amount can also see the water on the surface of the soil, without forming blisters and runoff. If it is a water-soluble sputum, you can directly pour the third water. At this time, the whole water-soluble sputum agent is basically invisible, and other sturdy agents can also see the scattered carrier(72 cell seed starter trays). The useful soluble fraction is substantially dissolved in the bauxite, and the rest is the insoluble carrier.

(wholesale cheap large fabric pots)Rice is sowed(plastic nursery pots wholesale). It is customary to pour the bottom water on the first day, pour a small water on the next day, and spray a fungicide before planting. After the application of the strong sputum, if watering. Be sure to use a micro spray to pour water, or use a superfine atomizing nozzle to spray water. Watering should be slowed down, poured for a while, and stopped for a while. When watering is first started, runoff water cannot be formed on the soil(seed propagation trays). Prevent the watering from being too strong and rush the strong sputum to the low-lying area, causing burning and burning.

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