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Wholesale Cheap Large Plastic Potting Pots Ireland

When it is potted, a smaller flower pot should be used(seed propagation trays). The potting soil can be prepared by mixing ordinary garden soil and a small amount of river sand. Because the leaf color is faint golden yellow or yellow-green, it is not green, so it is named Golden Leaf Buddha, which is the main basis for distinguishing it from ordinary Buddha grass(plug trays wholesale). However, although their appearance is slightly different, their farming methods and habits are the same. How does the golden leaf Buddha grass match soil?

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Because it is a drought-tolerant plant, if too much moisture, it will not grow(18 cell seed starting trays). The following small series brings you the details. Soil: It is biologically strong and resistant to barrenness. It is normal and normal in all kinds of sticky and sandy loam. When it is potted, we use smaller pots(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The potting soil can be made of ordinary garden soil and a small amount of culture soil mixed with river sand.(wholesale cheap large plastic potting pots ireland)

How does the golden leaf buddha grass match? The golden leaf sage is highly adaptable and can grow on a thin substrate(20 cell seed starting trays). It has strong drought tolerance and strong cold resistance. The roof temperature in summer is as high as 50 to 55 ° C, and it will not die if it does not rain for 20 consecutive days. Cultivated in northern China, the spring, summer and autumn seasons are very good. In the severe cold period, the upper and lower stems and leaves are frozen and in a dormant period(plastic nursery pots wholesale). When the soil is thawed in the next year, the sprouts sprout and sprout in the early spring.

(wholesale cheap large plastic potting pots ireland)Gold leaf sage grass breeding method: Golden leaf sage grass is strong(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price), no soil, no barren soil, can grow normally in sticky and sandy loam. The golden leaf buddha is slightly cold-tolerant, and it grows well in the cold winter as long as the temperature is not lower than 10 °C. It can be placed in a sheltered place from the sun(wholesale nursery pots). The potting soil is not too dry or too wet to avoid freezing damage, and it can grow vigorously in the spring of next year.

3 When the temperature in the spring turns warmer, the golden leaf buddha grass begins to germinate(40 cell seed starting trays). At this time, the watering must be sufficient. At the same time, the soil should be kept moist. By the end of April to May, the potting soil can be slightly dried. During the vigorous growth period of the golden leaf sage, it is best to apply a decomposed manure every month, so that it can grow better, and it will become more complicated when it blooms from May to June(plastic nursery pots). Ye Mao, greatly enhances the ornamental value of Golden Leaf Buddha.

(wholesale cheap large plastic potting pots ireland)When the temperature is low in winter and cold in summer, the plants remain dormant(104 cell seed starting trays). Plants should be selected in the more comfortable spring and autumn seasons. It needs sufficient light. About 20 days, fertilize, use decomposed thin liquid fertilizer or Low nitrogen, high phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer. Generally, fertilization is selected on a cloudy morning or after dusk, and the water is poured in the evening or the next morning to dilute the residual fertilizer in the soil(black plastic nursery pots).

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