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Because the mortality rate in summer has greatly increased, some meat friends tend to be discouraged(plug trays wholesale). After three summers, Xiaobian has summed up some of the knowledge of summer conservation that I have learned. In the dormant period, the raw stone flower has the ability to resist the scorching sun in the place of origin, especially the raw stone flowers that have been purchased from the merchants and lived in the greenhouse(200 cell propagation trays wholesale). This kind of fearless exposure has changed.

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(wholesale cheap nursery pots australia)Raw stone flower is a kind of life that is particularly tenacious, and it needs to grow at room temperature above 10 degrees in winter(propagation tray). It is a strong period of 1-2 months, while the summer stone is in a dormant period, so we want to breed the raw stone flower. To avoid the hot season in summer, we must carefully care for it in the summer. Today we will come together to find out how to maintain raw stone flowers in the summer(112 cell propagation trays wholesale), and what issues need to be paid attention to during the maintenance process.

In June, most of China entered the summer, and the raw stone flower also began to dormancy(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). At this time, it was also the Meiyu season in the Jianghuai area. The air humidity was relatively high and the temperature rose linearly, which was extremely unfavorable for the growth of the stone flower. At this time, pay attention to controlling watering, especially not to water in rainy days(288 cell propagation trays wholesale). When you can't observe whether the stone is in a dormant state, don't over-water it, try to keep the soil dry and make them adapt to the hot weather.

(wholesale cheap nursery pots australia)From July to August, the temperature gradually stabilized at high temperature(wholesale nursery pots). At this time, the raw stone flower completely entered a dormant state. Although some species of the genus Rhododendron did not have obvious dormancy period, they often did not grow well in the summer, so it was better to let them sleep. The high temperature environment is resistant to raw stone flowers, and the high temperature and high humidity of the soil cannot be tolerated(128 cell propagation trays wholesale). This often makes it difficult for the main root and root neck of the raw stone to dissipate heat.

Laying a layer of sandstone on the surface of the soil(plug trays), from the upper part of the main root to the lower part of the plant, and placing some larger stones on the sandstone is a difficult problem. In early August, it entered the lunar calendar and the autumn season, the temperature dropped at night, but the daytime temperature was still High, cultivation also needs to pay attention, in the typhoon and thunderstorms(20 cell propagation trays wholesale), be careful not to let the plants rain, and do not rush to water when the temperature is low, so there will be no unnecessary losses.

(wholesale cheap nursery pots australia)This is the main way of cooling the raw stone in the place of origin(black plastic nursery pots). Some growers change the topsoil into large stones in the summer, leaving only the roots in the soil. It is said that the effect is very good, just too much trouble. It is planted by the potted method, and a large flower pot is used outside the planting pot. The pure sand or sandy soil is placed inside, and the planting pot is buried in 1/3(162 cell propagation trays wholesale). Watering in the pot basin makes the bottom of the planting pot moist. Reduce soil temperature and add a small amount of water.

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