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Wholesale Cheap Plastic Garden Pots Price

Directly growing edible buds, sprouts, bud balls(20 cell trays bulk), young shoots or young stems is an emerging non-polluting, safe and safe health-care vegetable in recent years. Common sprouts include: camphor sprouts, buckwheat sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, pepper sprouts, green black bean sprouts, acacia sprouts, sunflower sprouts, radish sprouts, dragon More than 30 varieties such as bean sprouts, peanut sprouts(wholesale nursery pots), and broad bean sprouts are required.

(wholesale cheap plastic garden pots price)Sprouts are usually managed by digital management(288 cell trays bulk), standardized production, rich nutrition, monitoring from seed to harvest, no use of hormones, fertilizers and pesticides, and saving time, effort and labor. The sprouting vegetable planting technique only needs seedling trays or seedling containers. The narrower site can be planted, and can be produced by seed, spray or watering can, and can be produced indoors and outdoors(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Small size and convenient production.

Planting sprouts using advanced technology, planting is not subject to seasonal restrictions(112 cell trays bulk), and can meet the needs of different customers for a long time. In recent years, food safety issues have been receiving much attention. Food safety, health and organic food have been sought after. The sprouts are not added with chemical hormones or pesticides. They are delicious and delicious. They not only contain a lot of natural vitamins and minerals(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Organic enzymes and protein, and affordable.

(wholesale cheap plastic garden pots price)Today, food safety is becoming more and more popular, and the market prospects for sprouts are very promising(200 cell trays bulk). After purchasing the new sprouts equipment, the whole variety can be managed by one person at the same time. The cost of managing a plate is about 0.2-0.3 yuan. The labor and production costs are very low. Only 2-3 people can be used. A 100 kg harvest is completed every day(plastic nursery pots). Generally, the sales price per kilogram is 4-12 yuan, and the profit per mu can be more than 100,000 yuan.

There are various varieties of sprouts, some varieties can reach the highest rate of 1:8(162 cell trays bulk), the multiple cropping index is high, and generally 7-15 days can be harvested and marketed, the incubation period is extremely short. Sprouts use plant seeds or other vegetative organs. The production of sprouts can be sold in cooperation with local supermarkets. It can also be sold to local hotels, hot pot restaurants, restaurants(plug trays wholesale). Winter business is particularly popular, because sprouts are very suitable for hot pot.(wholesale cheap plastic garden pots price)

Since the development of the vegetable industry(128 cell trays bulk), the China Vegetable Seedling Industry Conference has continued to upgrade, ranking first among agricultural products, such as reducing soil-borne diseases, improving disease resistance and growth quality, and saving seedling time and labor. In dark or light conditions, the color is high, and the yield is extremely high, with high medicinal value and economic value. The market potential of the sprouting market is great(black plastic nursery pots). Investing in the production of sprouts takes up less capital, has a fast growth cycle and low cost.

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