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Its leaves are yellow-green, stems and vines, and the succulent is a kind of succulent plant that is better cultivated(plug trays wholesale). It also has a better name - longevity grass, which is a common plant species in the meaty world. However, this succulent plant, like its name, has a high ornamental value due to its criminal Guanyin sitting lotus(105 cell seed starter trays). Guanyinlian is mainly composed of leaf insertion and ramets, but the most widely used breeding method for family pots is ramets.

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(wholesale cheap plastic germinating flats usa)The following small series for everyone to briefly introduce Guanyin Lotus's ramets method(plastic nursery pots). The ramets of Guanyinlian are generally carried out when the temperature is high in the spring and summer. First, a pot of robust plants will be de-plated, and then most of the soil on the roots will be removed, so that the stems of Guanyin are completely exposed(seedling trays wholesale). However, care must be taken when removing the pots and removing excess soil so as not to damage the roots of the plants, thus affecting survival.

Because the hand is flexible and soft, it is also easy to operate and control(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The next step is to divide the joints from the joints according to the distribution and direction of the exposed stems, and ensure that there are 2-3 Guanyinlians on each stem. It is also necessary to treat the stems carefully, and to create wounds as little as possible, especially to avoid damage to the roots(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price), so as to ensure that the seedlings can survive better after the upper pot.

(wholesale cheap plastic germinating flats usa)After completing the ramets, we can plant the upper pots(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Of course, we can also carry out the ramification operation when the spring plants enter the germination. After the soil is removed, the stems are cut into segments by a sterilized cutter, and separated into a plurality of segments. Since the tool is used to make the stem a wound during the operation(200 cell seed starter trays), we need to disinfect the wound to prevent the wound from causing decay.

Then put these stem segments aside for a while(wholesale nursery pots), then wrap them with water moss after the wounds become slightly dry, or put them in a well-permeable culture soil to allow them to sprout adventitious roots while allowing the sprouts to germinate further. And growing. However, there are certain risks in doing so. It is necessary to pay attention to avoiding the soil being too moist(plant start trays wholesale). Otherwise, the wound on the stem segment is still easily infected with the bacteria, thereby causing the phenomenon of rotten stems.

(wholesale cheap plastic germinating flats usa)Then, how does Guanyin Lian branch? It is recommended to use a special herbicide(black plastic nursery pots). In a sunny place, first select the Guanyin lotus from the potting soil. The recommended method is to put on the glove, remove the plant by hand, and then use The fingers will remove the excess soil. The recommended practice for disinfecting wounds is to use grass ash or sulphur powder to spread on the wound(32 cell seed starter trays). It is best to apply evenly to achieve disinfection and preservation.

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