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Spring and Autumn are the seasons where orchids grow vigorously(wholesale nursery pots). Avoid causing fat damage, burn roots, affect growth and even survive. Can orchids be compounded? Experienced pots know that the fertilization time of orchids can be extended from the end of spring to the end of autumn. This period of time is often the peak season for orchid growth(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Fertilization can be carried out by using orchid-specific compound fertilizer, diluted at a ratio of 1:400-500 times, and then used as much as possible.

(wholesale cheap plastic nursery pots online)However, even if it is applied to the orchid compound fertilizer, in addition to the use of orchid-specific compound fertilizer and the concentration is low, it should be carried out at an appropriate time, mainly in the following cases. Nowadays, when the orchid is finished in the late autumn, the water should be poured once, and then placed in a cool and ventilated place for slow seedlings(injection molded nursery pots). Then do a normal watering management, while gradually increasing the light, and keep applying compound fertilizer once every half month.

These are just three more common situations, chasing the thin compound fertilizer of the whole family(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). And after fertilization should reduce the watering, do not continue to topdress, so that it is fully dormant. However, no matter what the situation is topdressing, for the blue-strained plants that have been cultivated for many years without being turned over, it is recommended to take a small amount of compound fertilizer with balanced nitrogen(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale), phosphorus and potassium, and at a low concentration. Casting, master the principle of thin fertilizer and diligence.

(wholesale cheap plastic nursery pots online)If necessary, we can also supplement the compound fertilizer at other appropriate times(plastic nursery pots wholesale). All should adhere to the principle of “thin fertilization and diligence” so as to avoid causing damage to orchids. On the pots, the orchids consume a lot of nutrients during the bloom. Therefore, after the flowers, the roots and leaves should be supplemented with nutrients(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The orchids have the characteristics of fertilization, but only for the application of thin fertilizer, for the fruit trees. It is a very important part.

Lemons should be high-yield, with a focus on pruning, and the importance of lemon pruning can be seen(black plastic nursery pots). The lemon tree pruning is mainly divided into two periods, which can be trimmed in winter and spring. It is the pruning before the spring spring shoots of the second year after the lemon picking. In the southern region, it can be pruned after picking the fruit. In the northern region, it can be pruned after the spring temperature rises and before the spring shoots sprout(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Another pruning period is the growing season, which is after the lemon spring shoots are extracted and before the fruit picking.(wholesale cheap plastic nursery pots online)

Because usually if the slow seedlings are successful, then even if some blue plants take out a few small shoots, they find that they no longer continue to grow(plug trays wholesale). There is a saying that is divided into summer pruning and flowering pruning. Then, the summer pruning is mainly based on germination, topping and short shearing. The main purpose is to control the growth potential of its shoot tips and promote fruit growth and development(blow molded nursery pots). The flowering period is mainly to remove some of the leafless flowering branches, reduce the amount of flowers and nutrient consumption, and achieve the purpose of fruit preservation.

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