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Wholesale Cheap Plastic Plant Pot UAE Price

The nursery bed should be shaded with a shade of 70% and covered with a 1.8-2m high shade shelter(heavy duty gallon pot). When fixing the shade net, it should be considered to be easy to gather and unfold. In the winter windy and snowy areas, the next year 3 Cover the shade net before the emergence of the month. It is also possible to build a greenhouse for seedlings(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Maintain a moist, shaded environment in the seedling bed throughout the nursery to avoid soil compaction, dryness and excessive sunshine, and if necessary, install a micro-spray facility.

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(wholesale cheap plastic plant pot uae price)Fertilization is mainly based on organic fertilizer, supplemented by various trace element fertilizers(cheap 1 gallon plant pots). Organic fertilizers include fully decomposed farmyard manure, livestock manure, oil and grass ash, crop stalks, etc. Organic fertilizers should be stacked for more than 3 months before application and fully decomposed. It is not suitable for fertilization in the year of emergence. After the second year of spring, the seedlings will be applied with 10kg of compound fertilizer per acre, or sprayed with 50% carbendazim WP(plug trays wholesale). In winter, 1500kg of organic fertilizer will be applied per acre.

The tigers and cockroaches use 90% crystal trichlorfon 180-200g per acre(heavy duty plant pots), and the scented rice bran 8-10kg is made into a poison bait to trap. Root rot is sprayed with agricultural streptomycin 200mg/kg, 25% carbendazim WP 250 times solution after spraying. In the early stage of the disease, the sputum was sprayed with 25% metalaxyl WP 300 times, and sprayed continuously for 2-3 times(black plastic nursery pots). After the onset, the diseased plants were pulled out and the ward was watered with 500 times of copper sulfate.

(wholesale cheap plastic plant pot uae price)It can also be sprayed with 0.05~0.1% zinc sulfate, which has a certain effect on the relief of symptoms(cheap 7 gallon plant pots). At noon on sunny days, the temperature is too high. If the film is not timely, the temperature in the shed will continue to rise above 35 °C, then the heat will appear, and the leaves of the seedlings will brown and die. In the sunny day after 9 am, it is necessary to ventilate and cool down in time to avoid heat damage.(wholesale nursery pots) The ammonium nitrogen fertilizer was applied too much, and ammonium poisoning occurred. The leaf green was rolled up, thickened, the leaves were dark green, and the leaf margins were dry.

Then the sieve cover charcoal is about 2mm thick(cheap 2 gallon plant pots), put the plate into the water, the importance of seedlings needless to say, once the seedlings have problems, it will affect the transplanting, but the disease will be full of fields, no harvest. In the seedling tray where salt damage occurs, the surface of the substrate is whitish and ventilated and dehumidified in time. After 4-5 days of continuous warm conditions, the tobacco seedlings can resume normal growth by themselves(plastic nursery pots). Due to the high temperature in the nursery shed, it is now installed and is now bleached, otherwise the ventilation is poor and it is easy to produce spiral roots.

(wholesale cheap plastic plant pot uae price)In the early stage of phytotoxicity(2 gallon nursery container wholesale price), if the nutrient solution is improperly formulated or poorly managed, the control technical measures are: strictly control the concentration of phosphate fertilizer in the seedling fertilizer. The ratio of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer is generally 1:0.5; the prevention method is to be elastic when filling the substrate. If you use your finger to lightly press it and no longer fall, the sowing depth should be such that the seed surface should not be seen so that the seeding depth should not exceed 0.5cm(plastic nursery pots wholesale), so the pH should be kept below 6.8.

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