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Wholesale Cheap Plastic Planting Trays

It is strong in nature, can withstand poverty, and can grow normally in various loams such as viscous and sandy(propagation tray). When potted, small pots can be used. The potting soil can be mixed with ordinary garden soil and a small amount of river sand. When the temperature in the spring warms and the sage begins to germinate, the watering should be sufficient. Keep the soil moist. When it is April-May, you can dry it a little(flat plastic tray). This plant is more drought-tolerant. If the water is too much at this time and the potting soil is too wet, it will not grow well.

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(wholesale cheap plastic planting trays)If you move it to a slightly darker place, the blade will turn darker green(plug trays). If there is a lack of light for a long time, the stems will grow too luxuriantly, and the plants will grow and the plants become less substantial. It is slightly cold-resistant. When the temperature is cold in winter, as long as the temperature is not lower than 10 °C, it can still grow better. If it can be placed in a sheltered place, the soil should not be too dry or too wet(plastic grow pots), it will not be frostbittened. In the spring of next year, you can thrive.

In the growing season of the sage, it is best to pour the decomposed manure once a month, so that it can grow green and vigorous(gallon plant pot). By the time of May-June, it will bloom more, and the yellow flowers will fill the basin, forming a good viewing effect. For germinated grass weeds, more herbicides can be used, such as big killing grass, fine quetiapine, fine killing, high-efficiency covering grass, etc. can effectively prevent such weeds(greenhouse supplies pots). It is highly safe for the grass at the recommended dosage.

(wholesale cheap plastic planting trays)We can use the above herbicides to control malignant weeds such as Bermudagrass and thatch(cell trays), as well as a variety of grassy weeds such as crabgrass, goosegrass, foxtail, valerian, and bluegrass. If the grass is planted as a green plant on the roof, because the water content in the body is relatively high, when it enters the spring, as the temperature gradually warms up(wholesale greenhouse pots), the grass will begin to sprout, and the original will gradually sprout new. The stems and leaves come.

For the germinated broadleaf weeds, it is necessary to grasp the principle of “except early and small”(gallon nursery pots). To prevent broad-leaved weeds, try to use medicine as early as possible. Weeds are most easily controlled around 3 leaves. The water-dispersible granules are 2-4 g per acre, and 25-30 kg of water is sprayed as stems and leaves. After 7-10 days, the weeds begin to turn yellow and die, and die completely in about 15 days(seed starter trays). It is a micro-toxic herbicide with no odor, no drift, and toxicity is only one-third of the toxicity of salt.(wholesale cheap plastic planting trays)

There is a kind of "grass strain" in the Buddha's grass(black plastic plant pots). Even if it exceeds 3-4 times of the recommended dosage, it still has a high safety for the grass. The herbicide is developed and promoted by the famous garden plant protection institution, and is safe for the Buddha grass. For the fragrant aconite in the Buddha's grass, the use of the "Fojiale" reinforced type can effectively prevent it, and it is safe for the Buddha(square nursery pots). However, the time of the hydroponic Guanyin lotus, and it is impossible to plant the plant, it is easy to get started.

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