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The pomegranate roots are developed, the roots are many(mini plastic flower pots), the requirements for the soil are not strict, the scope is wide, and it can be planted in mountains, plains, hills and beaches. Therefore, it is favored by growers. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for fruit quality are getting higher and higher(seed starting pots). How to produce high-quality and high-yield pomegranates has become the most concerned issue for growers.(wholesale fabric planter bags manufacturer australia)

It is welcomed by farmers in some areas(1 gallon pot). Because of the communication with some fruit farmers, although many fruit growers know that it is necessary to stop planting, planting, pruning and water and fertilizer treatment during planting, then everyone is not very good. Be clear about what time you want to do and what to do(4 gallon container). In order to guarantee the high yield and high yield of pomegranate, Huaguo Xiaobian will tell you about the high-yield cultivation techniques of pomegranate.

Still have to guarantee the quality and yield of the fruit(branded plant pots). Xiao Bian wants to talk about the knowledge of pomegranate cultivation and management. Today, the branches in the canopy are densely distributed to ensure that there is sufficient sunlight inside and outside the canopy. The fruit is ripe, promoting the development of the upper part of the trunk and reducing the loss of nutrients(propagation flats). Autumn is the harvest season, and the tree has a great demand for nutrition.(wholesale fabric planter bags manufacturer australia)

At this time, the puncture of the pomegranate is often used in the strong branches of the young tree(where to buy plastic plant pots). Each acre can effectively promote the differentiation and formation of flower buds, increase the fruit setting rate, and ensure the yield. At the flowering stage of the pomegranate tree, the topping of the heart is removed, and the 1/3 of the tip length of the tip of the 5cm or 30~40cm is generally removed(wholesale plant pots australia), which is beneficial to flower bud differentiation and fruit development, and improves the fruit setting rate.

Cut off the dense, long, and diseased buds and sprouts(big flower pots wholesale). In principle, whether the spot under the canopy under the sparse branch can be evenly distributed on the ground is the clipping standard, and the spot area preferably accounts for 10% to 15% of the projected area of the entire canopy(fabric planter bags). Make sure that the fruit can be indirectly illuminated by the sun, so that the inner eucalyptus branches and short branches can receive sufficient light to form flower buds quickly.(wholesale fabric planter bags manufacturer australia)

However, in order to truly obtain high benefits, pomegranate trees generally do not stop pruning in winter, generally only cut off dead branches, pests and branches(5 gallon planter). After harvesting the fruit, the fertilization should be stopped immediately. The organic fertilizers such as humic acid fertilizer, compost, manure, manure and decomposed crop straw and weeds should be applied(gardening pots). The organic fertilizer should be applied 1500~2000 kg, and mixed application 30~50 Kilogram of quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer.

(wholesale fabric planter bags manufacturer australia)Fruit tree planting is a kind of industry with high efficiency in cash crops(hydroponics trays cheap). The cutting of pomegranate is best to use strong branches of 1~2 years old. In the middle of June, the smooth part of the strong branch can be selected and stripped according to the width of 0.3cm. The cut fruit and pests should be taken out of the garden for deep burial or incineration(10 gallon planter). From July to August, the new branch sprouting from the ground below 50cm from the ground is cut off. The pomegranate tree is a very happy tree species.

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