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Wholesale Ground Cover To Prevent Weeds

The problem in a short time is not big, but in the rainy season(10cm plastic grow pots), it is easy to cause the lack of oxygen in the fleshy roots in a week or two. The anaerobic microorganisms and the roots of the plants in the soil will cause toxic substances to cause toxic effects on the fleshy roots, and then everyone will get used to the leaves. The phenomenon of water. Even if the rain is current, the heat conductivity of the water will be stronger after the sun is emitted(plastic nursery pots), which will cause the high temperature of the flesh to cause the water to fall into the familiar water.

(wholesale ground cover to prevent weeds)Some small vegetarian pots, just started planting, no problem, the drainage is normal, but as long as half a year(104 cell propagation trays wholesale), the fleshy roots have grown like this, completely blocking the drainage holes. If you can choose, you can choose some hole in the bottom of the flower pot. If you buy a hole in the bottom of the flower pot, it is best to pay attention to the root condition, change the basin in time(plastic nursery pots wholesale), sometimes the meat has been unhappy for a long time, and then encounter extreme environment. I will show you dead...

The ceramic basin may take into consideration the indoor placement(10.5cm plastic grow pots), and it is afraid that the water will flow to the table, so it is very intimate to stick a potted tray, but for those who are outside, the potted water is also accidentally covered in the pot. A lot of water. In addition, the bottom of some flower pots is relatively smooth. If it is placed on a relatively smooth ground such as ceramic tiles(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), it will be more likely to accumulate water during the rainy season because the water flows out of the holes but does not flow out of the pots.

(wholesale ground cover to prevent weeds)It is that there is no good air circulation at the bottom of the flower pot(9cm plastic grow pots), which also affects the air circulation through the bottom hole into the flower pot. Therefore, it would be better to choose a pot with a little gap at the bottom. Because of the relationship between the porcelain pot and the high temperature firing, the color of the porcelain pot will not change. Everyone dislikes it and the ventilation is not good(black plastic nursery pots). In fact, the key to ventilation is that the bottom hole of the flower pot is more than a little, and the bottom of the flower pot has feet. Auxiliary air circulation is sufficient.

When the alkaline substance of the soil overflows, the flower clothes will be torn apart(100mm plastic grow pots). The common feature of these pots is that they are light, the same size, lighter than porcelain pots and plain pots. However, the price is not expensive. When the uncle bought it, the small pot was about one or two. The big pot was about four or five. The small pot was used for about three or four years. The big pot was probably used for two or three years(wholesale nursery pots). It was the terracotta, the enthusiasm of the tile, and the pictures were basically destroyed.(wholesale ground cover to prevent weeds)

There is even a kind of hand-painted and then burned kiln, the color is bright, never fade(90mm plastic grow pots). However, at the same time, the cost is reduced, and the pot material is reduced. The wall of the pot becomes thinner. In summer, the heat insulation effect is too poor. The temperature inside the basin is easy to rise under the direct sunlight, and the fleshy roots are more than the fleshy leaves. Not resistant to high temperatures(plug trays wholesale), high root temperature accelerates the root aging process, causing root dysfunction, plant resistance is worse, and then something goes wrong.

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