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Wholesale Large Greenhouse Plastic Plant Pots UK

Soybean sprouts are common in the market(mini plastic flower pots). Correct fertilization is an important measure to capture the high yield of edible fungi and improve the quality of edible fungi. The role of fertilization is to supplement and adjust nutrients, and to eliminate harmful factors, and create favorable conditions for the sustained high yield of edible fungi(4 gallon container). On the contrary, there are usually three methods for adding nutrient solution: spraying, soaking and filling.

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When spraying, please pay attention to the nozzle should not face the fruiting body(1 gallon pot), but also pay attention to the "four no spray": the young mushroom buds do not spray, so as not to "swell". Just picking mushrooms or having mushrooms in the body does not spray, so as not to cause bacterial diseases(propagation flats). Do not spray when the humidity of the air is too high. When the pests and diseases in the mushroom shed (room) are serious, do not spray.

(wholesale large greenhouse plastic plant pots uk)The acupoint method is mainly used on the bed of bacteria(branded plant pots). The specific method is as follows: the bacteria bed is drilled at a hole distance of 10 cm, and the prepared nutrient solution is flooded into the bed of bacteria, and the soil is covered after the nutrient solution is added(propagators for sale). When the concentration of the proper nutrient solution is too high, not only the hyphae are difficult to absorb, but also the hyphae are hindered or even damaged.

The time for spraying the nutrient solution is preferably when a large number of fruiting bodies are present(where to buy plastic plant pots). This method can be used when the mushroom bed has more mushrooms and the water and nutrient consumption is too large. When the concentration is too low, the purpose of high yield is not achieved(large nursery containers). In the first ten days of October and the second half of the year, the method of chasing is to apply a small amount of fertilizer to the water. 

Bananas can be said to be the favorite of most people(big flower pots wholesale). After 20 days of planting of spring planting bananas, they can also be applied with water. The soaking method is mainly used for edible fungi in bagged plants. If the cultivation bag is in a state of severe water shortage, if the water content of the culture material is high, the concentration should be increased(bulk garden pots), and the ventilation volume should be increased after the nutrient solution is added.(wholesale large greenhouse plastic plant pots uk)

To make the banana better, you must learn the banana fertilization technology and introduce the banana fertilization technology(5 gallon planter). Active silicon calcium magnesium organic fertilizer 0.8 kg per plant and Lunfeng banana special fertilizer (nitrogen 16 phosphorus 5 potassium 14 or nitrogen 23 phosphorus 8 potassium 19) each plant 0.1-0.2 kg fully mixed and applied to the planting hole(bulk plastic planters), top 5-10 Cm soil, then transplanted.

Banana roots should not be in direct contact with fertilizer when transplanted here(hydroponics trays cheap). The seedlings are pumped 1-2 new leaves, and the new roots are applied when they start to grow. For the first time, cut the arc groove at a distance of 30-40 cm from the banana stem(plant pot suppliers). Each strain is applied with 0.3 kg of active silicon calcium magnesium organic fertilizer and special fertilizer of Lunfeng banana (nitrogen 16 phosphorus 5 potassium 14) or banana of Lunfenglong.(wholesale large greenhouse plastic plant pots uk)

The taste is sweet, has great nutritional value, the color is yellow, and the shape is like a crescent(seed starting pots). Fertilizer (nitrogen 18 phosphorus 6 potassium 16) mixed with 0.15-0.2 kg per plant, applied to the curved ditch, and then covered with soil to fill the water. The concentration of the nutrient solution should be reduced and the water consumption should be increased(flower pot wholesale supplier). After harvesting 1~2 mushrooms, they can be soaked in the prepared nutrient solution until they recover or close to the original weight.

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