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The most important thing about the rich bamboo is the leaves(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Each leaf looks lush and gives a spring feeling. If the leaves are unhealthy, the ornamental value will be greatly reduced. So to raise it, it is very important to master the correct method. Today, plastic flower pot manufacturers bring everyone to understand the reasons and solutions for the yellowing of cultivated rich bamboo leaves(200 cell seed starting trays). For the cultivation of rich bamboo, it is best to choose loose and fertile sandy soil, which can be mixed with sand, vegetable garden soil and humus soil in a ratio of 1:4:5.

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(wholesale nursery flower pots suppliers mexico)Every spring, you need to replace the plastic pot with a rich bamboo(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). You can put a layer of broken plastic foam on the bottom of the pot to change the permeability and drainage of the plastic pot, which can prevent excessive watering. The rotten roots of the plants are also convenient for removing the pots when changing the pots(162 cell seed starting trays). Rich bamboo belongs to moist plants, but in indoor potting, it is necessary to properly control the watering so that it can grow slowly to enhance the ornamental value of rich bamboo.

Generally, it is not 3-5 days to see that the plastic flowerpot soil is dry and can be watered(plug trays wholesale). The soil of the pot is often kept moist, and the water is often sprinkled on the leaf surface to increase the air humidity around the plastic flower pot. Improper watering can easily cause yellowing of rich bamboo leaves. Plastic flower pot manufacturers can judge from the yellowing characteristics of the leaves, which is caused by watering or drought(128 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). The yellowing of the leaves caused by improper watering often appears on the young leaves, while the old leaves are not yellowed.

(wholesale nursery flower pots suppliers mexico)The drought caused the old leaves to wither and the new leaves grew well(black plastic nursery pots). Once you find the reason, you can take appropriate measures to solve it. When planting rich bamboos, it is necessary to adhere to thin fertilizers and apply a small amount of NPK fertilizer every 15-20 days. Too much or only nitrogen fertilizer can easily make it grow wild(128 cell seedling trays wholesale). In the winter, plastic flower pot manufacturers can not fertilize, only a small amount of water. Improper application of fertilizer can also cause yellowing of rich bamboo leaves.

Excessive fertilization will make the young leaves thick and dull, and the old leaves will fall off(plastic nursery pots wholesale). At this time, the excess fertilizer in the plastic pots should be removed in time. Insufficient fertilization will also make the color of the young leaves lighter, and the old leaves will gradually turn yellow. At this time, it is necessary to add thin fertilizer. The most suitable growth temperature for Fuguizhu is 18-25 degrees Celsius(105 cell seedling trays wholesale). When the minimum temperature drops to about 5 degrees Celsius, the plastic flower pots should be moved indoors. Rich bamboos like to scatter light, too strong or insufficient light will make the leaves of rich bamboo yellow.

(wholesale nursery flower pots suppliers mexico)If you can mix some broken egg shells, the growth of rich bamboo will be more vigorous(plastic nursery pots). The yellowing caused by excessive light is called yellowing, and the leaves will appear yellow spots in the part of the sun. Therefore, in the summer, it is necessary to avoid sun exposure. Plastic flowerpot manufacturers can put the flowerpots in a place where the light is scattered within 2 meters from the window. Insufficient light will result in insufficient chlorophyll synthesis and yellowing of the leaves, and the leaves of the plants will lose their luster and yellow off(72 cell seedling trays wholesale). As long as the light is properly strengthened, it can be restored.

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