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Wholesale Nursery Supplies Plastic Pots In Russia

During the entire growth process, top dressing is generally done twice(18 cell plug trays supplier). During the growing season of blue beans, apply rotted thin liquid fertilizer or low nitrogen, high phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer every 20 days or so, but no fertilizer is required(72 cell plug trays). Do not splash fertilizer water on the leaves when fertilizing(such as ammonium phosphate) . The dormancy of succulents can also be said to be a kind of self-protection.

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At that time, I could not figure it out: the rice husk manure and chicken manure I applied per acre were between 15-20 square meters, should I say a lot(128 cell plant trays bulk)? Right after spring burdock grows 4 true leaves, it enters the vigorous growth stage, which needs to be carried out For the first top dressing, it can be applied by ditching about 10 cm away from the root(long life propagation trays), and applying 25 kg of stable long-acting high-nitrogen compound fertilizer per mu.(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots in russia)

Do not apply too close to the plant to avoid the thick fertilizer hurting the straight root(162 cell plug trays supplier). There are many different roots, which reduces the quality. The dormant state is not only the influence of environmental temperature difference, but also need to observe more to accumulate experience to distinguish whether it is completely dormant(nursery tray manufacturers). Dissolve the fertilizer into the water and improve the utilization rate of the fertilizer by pouring it in small water.

(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots in russia)According to the growth situation, generally apply 25 kg of long-term high-potassium compound fertilizer with stability and 5 kg of 50% instant potassium sulfate per acre(200 cell plant trays bulk). Fertilization is carried out at the seedling stage and the central inflorescence emergence period, not too late, phosphorus, and potassium, otherwise it will be detrimental to the increase of yield and enhancement of stress resistance in the late castor plant(1.5 gallon nursery pots).

In order to obtain high-yield and high-quality products, combined with the second top dressing, foliar spraying 0.5% large amount of element foliar fertilizer Ye Shen 2 to 3 times(32 cell plant trays bulk). The bottom fertilizer of castor is mainly composed of stable manure, compost, lime soil dung, green manure, superphosphate or a small amount of ammonium phosphate(1 gallon plastic nursery pots), supplemented by a small amount of nitrogen and potassium fertilizers, and combined application.

Dosage per mu is 1000-1300 kg of organic fertilizer, phosphorus (P2O5) 4-5 kg(50 cell plant trays bulk). The top dressing of castor depends on the situation. If the amount of base fertilizer and seed fertilizer is insufficient, the growth of seedling and branching is not strong. A small amount of nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer or binary compound fertilizer can be used for top dressing(rootmaker propagation trays). Pure nitrogen (N) 3-4 kg, phosphorus (P2O5)) 2-3 kg / mu.(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots in russia)

Everyone knows that in addition to nitrogen, the crop also needs trace elements such as silicon, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, boron, rare earth elements, etc(50 cell seed trays wholesale). , Phosphorus and Potassium are equally important and cannot be replaced with each other. Potassium fertilizer depends on whether the soil is short of potassium(one gallon pot), or 5-7 kilograms of potassium sulfate or potassium chloride can be used per mu.

In this way, the harm can be turned into a benefit, and the characteristics of the large gap between the sand soil particles can be used to promote root growth(seed planting trays wholesale). The small water dip can not only concentrate the water and fertilizer supply around the vegetable root system, but also reduce the loss of water and fertilizer, reduce the input and improve Vegetable yield(2 gallon pots wholesale). For a sustainable farming system, maintaining nutrient balance is a key factor.

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