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Wholesale Plastic 1 Gallon Pots Cheap Black

But for a novice friend, this is undoubtedly a test(72 cell propagation trays). As far as the watering is concerned, everyone knows that succulents generally have low water requirements, but they are not free to water, or because the watering is too random, the plants will die. The same is true for the watering of Guanyinlian. How do you water the Guanyin Lotus? It should not be too much for the watering of Guanyinlian(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). When the temperature is too low, it must stop watering.

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(wholesale plastic 1 gallon pots cheap black)There is a large demand for water in summer, so it is recommended to water at least once a week(200 cell seed starting trays), but watering in summer should avoid high temperatures. Watering should be as much as possible to avoid sprinkling water on the leaves, which not only easily causes rotten leaves, but also affects the beauty of the plants. Especially in the winter, it should be pointed out that whether it is newly cultivated young plants or adult plants purchased from the market(wholesale nursery pots), it is not advisable to water the upper pot when transplanting, and spray some foliar water at most.

In this way, the plant does not suffer from growth problems due to lack of water(72 cell plug trays supplier). Of course, there are also basin friends who will encounter the phenomenon of sagging leaves. This is generally too much watering, and there will be a long phenomenon. When adding water to the meaty Guanyin lotus, the principle of “no watering or pouring” is generally adopted, but the premise is that the potting soil must have good permeability and avoid water accumulation caused by poor soil drainage(black plastic nursery pots), which further leads to rotten roots.

(wholesale plastic 1 gallon pots cheap black)Everyone knows that the Guanyin Lotus, which lacks luster in the leaves, will greatly reduce its viewing effect(128 cell plug trays supplier). Although Guanyin Lotus does not die due to lack of water, it will inhibit or delay its normal growth. In addition, we should also pour water in a timely manner after adding nutrients to Guanyin Lotus. Watering can play a role in dissolving and diluting, which not only helps the plants absorb nutrients(plastic nursery pots wholesale), but also ensures that the concentration of nutrients is not too high. harm.

Therefore, after fertilization on a sunny day, the plants are allowed to fully absorb nutrients in a safe environment(seed starting trays supplier). Hi-high temperature, high humidity ecological situation, the development of moderate temperature 2O ~ 3O degrees Celsius, happy half-yin. It is suitable for planting in humus-rich soil with outstanding looseness and drainage. The development season requires large humidity in the soil and air(plug trays wholesale). The room temperature in winter should be connected at l5 ~ l8 degrees Celsius, the temperature is below l5 degrees Celsius, the development of containment, into dormancy.

(wholesale plastic 1 gallon pots cheap black)In the dormant era, water should be controlled to curb fertilization(128 cell seed trays wholesale). Morphological characteristics The genus of this genus is about 60 to 70 species, native to tropical Asia and the Americas. Most of the leaves are large and special. The stem is short, stout, fleshy, with underground stems. Single-leaf arrow, scorpion, heart or ellipse, more leathery, 25 to 40 cm long, lO ~ 2O cm wide, sharp apex(plastic nursery pots). The petiole is long, light green, with 5 to 7 large dentate nicks on the leaf margin, the main vein is trigeminal, and the lateral veins are directly nicked.

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