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Wholesale Plastic 72 Cell Propagation Trays NZ

In recent years, edible fungi have developed rapidly, especially when some rare mushrooms are placed on the table(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale), used as food, and used as a medicine. The shacks are built in front of the house, the basement is planted in layers, or the balcony is used for box planting, or all gardens are used for scaffolding, so that urban and rural residents can eat it(72 cell seed trays wholesale). For the fresh and rare mushroom varieties, they are full of food and happiness.

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Let's talk about oyster mushrooms(square nursery pots). Therefore, Pleurotus eryngii, also known as Pleurotus ostreatus, Coprinus comatus, is known as snow velvet in Japan. Pleurotus eryngii is a new type of edible fungus cultivated in recent years, with edible, medicinal and therapeutic effects. The meat is rich, tender, delicious and nutritious, and is very popular among consumers(50 cell seed trays wholesale). The cultivation techniques of high-yield cultivation of Pleurotus eryngii are described below.

(wholesale plastic 72 cell propagation trays nz)Pleurotus eryngii is a high-quality(plastic nursery pots wholesale), high-quality bacterium that produces high mountains, grasslands and deserts in southern Europe, North Africa and Central Asia. Pleurotus eryngii is rich in nutrients, with a protein content of up to 25%, contains 18 amino acids, and is rich in polysaccharides and oligosaccharides(flat plastic tray). In particular, the color of the fungus is white, thick and long, and the tissue is dense and strong. It is one of the best taste mushrooms.

New technologies and new models of edible fungi have emerged(black plastic plant pots). Pleurotus eryngii is grown in winter and spring. The optimum temperature for the development of Pleurotus eryngii is 22-28 °C. The differentiation and development of fruiting bodies requires scattered light of 500 to 1000 lux. Choose a near water source, clean the situation, and build a mushroom house (shack) in a place without pollution(plastic grow pots). Mushroom rooms and plastic greenhouses are important based on shelf cultivation. 

The temperature at which the fruit develops varies from strain to strain, usually from 15 to 18 ° C(propagation tray), the water content of the culture material is from 60% to 63%, and the absolute humidity of the mycelial development air is less than 70 ° C. At the fruiting body formation stage, the absolute humidity of the air is between 90% and 95%(greenhouse supplies pots). The optimum pH of the culture material is 6.5~7.5. A large amount of fresh air is necessary for mycelial development and fruit development.(wholesale plastic 72 cell propagation trays nz)

The optimum temperature of Pleurotus eryngii is 15~18 °C(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). When the temperature is higher than 22 ° C and lower than 8 ° C, it is difficult to form a fruit body. In winter, spring and autumn are better cultivated. In spring cultivation, the cultivation bag should be inoculated from December to January 1, and the mushroom management should be stopped from mid-February to early April(nursery plant pots). In the fall, mushrooms are grown from early November to mid-December.

(wholesale plastic 72 cell propagation trays nz)Can grow indoor mushroom room, plastic size shed(seed starting trays). Cultivation can dig a 15-20 cm deep trampoline on the ground to stop the soil cover cultivation. The mushroom room should have a through-window window with a certain amount of scattered light, which must be strictly disinfected before use. Home planting can be stopped in the basement of the courtyard, in the garage or in the plastic shed(seed starter trays). A small amount can also be planted in a box on the balcony.

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