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Wholesale Plastic Garden Pots Black Online

Variety selection is the basic link of planting(large round planter pots), ensuring that the peppers after planting are guaranteed to be of the quality and appeal to consumers after they are put on the market. About 30 days before planting, the shed land needs to be ploughed and dried, and a certain amount of cow dung and pig manure, as well as sheep manure(10 inch plastic plant pots), zinc sulphate, calcium sulphate and borax are uniformly stirred per acre, and then piled and fermented.

In order to improve the utilization rate of micro-fertilizer farmyard manure(2.5 inch square plastic pots), it is also possible to carry out concentrated fertilization of agricultural fertilizer by means of kneading the dough, and then smoothing the soil and agricultural fertilizer in the ditch and then leveling the kneading surface(128 cell trays). The virus disease of pepper is a disease caused by the growth point.(wholesale plastic garden pots black online)

Accelerate the growth of peppers and maximize the growth of axillary buds with sufficient moisture and light to ensure yield(plant pots uk). In the summer and autumn, the overall temperature is high, and the temperature of the soil will also rise. It can be covered with black or black film on both sides of the middle white(2 gallon plastic pots). It can not only effectively moisturize and heat-preserve, but also effectively suppress the germination of weeds.

(wholesale plastic garden pots black online)And when it comes to the prevention and control of powdery mildew, it can start from the fundamental link(commercial plant pots). It is used as a base fertilizer in actual planting. Growing, providing a good environment for pepper growth. Ensuring that the amount of base fertilizer is the basis of the pepper planting process(2 gallon plant pot), and through the combination of micro-fertilizer and farmyard manure, can avoid physiological diseases in the basic planting of pepper in the most basic link.

In addition, soil diseases are mainly caused by pests and diseases in the ground(heavy duty plant trays), such as the occurrence of cockroaches, ants, and root diseases, and the soil is applied to the surface. In addition, in order to effectively prevent the occurrence of pepper wilt, disease, root rot, etc.(4 gallon nursery pots), the application of dixon can be carried out in the greenhouse, and the same can be applied to the noodles after mixing with fine soil to effectively prevent it in the early stage effect.(wholesale plastic garden pots black online)

It is possible to select resistant varieties with strong suitability, comprehensive traits and high yield in the selection of pepper varieties(cheap grow pots). Then, after reasonable selection of the variety, it is necessary to ensure the scientific rationalization of the planting. In this part, it can be planted through the deep ditch sorghum to ensure the overall ventilation and ventilation(greenhouse plant trays), and effectively reduce the environmental humidity between the plants in the shed.

(wholesale plastic garden pots black online)It is regularly controlled before transplanting in the seedling stage to avoid introducing the seedlings with pathogens into the field during the transplanting process(grow pots for sale), and to realize the construction of disease-free fields and disease-free plants. Ensure the overall quality effectiveness of greenhouse pepper cultivation, from the basic planting process and the pest control stage to effectively control the overall scientific(72 cell plug trays), efficient and reasonable in the planting process.

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