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Wholesale Plastic Nursery Pots In Canada

Jasmine often appears yellow and withered leaves in the daily maintenance process(6 cell propagation trays wholesale). In the face of such problems, the flower friends are also very embarrassed, eagerly looking forward to the method of treatment, then how to do the jasmine leaves yellow? Meet the jasmine leaves It is thinner and more sensitive than ordinary flowers. It is easy to appear yellow or even coke in the potted plants(plastic nursery pots). This indicates that the normal growth of the plants has been affected and the roots have been partially necrotic.(wholesale plastic nursery pots in canada)

Because the leaves of jasmine are relatively thin, they are more sensitive than the flowers of the general seedlings(20 cell propagation trays wholesale). When the jasmine is potted, the yellowing and wilting of the leaves are prone to occur. The phenomenon of yellowing and wilting of jasmine leaves needs to be carefully examined, and the right medicine should be taken. Otherwise, it will easily affect the flowering of jasmine(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The common causes of yellowing of jasmine leaves are as follows: jasmine is acidic, such as potting soil or watering alkali. Sexuality will cause poor growth of plants and yellowing of branches and leaves.

Old leaves with yellow, it is caused by excessive dryness and early water shortage(8 cell propagation trays wholesale); if the leaves are shrunk, the veins are blue, it is the performance of excessive watering. Water causes insufficient oxygen in the soil, causing the roots to suffocate and die. Mostly before May, it occurred at low temperatures after October. In case of hydrating in the morning, you should stop the water when you encounter it, and loosen the soil to benefit the water(wholesale nursery pots). When it is serious, the potted soil should be taken out and placed in a cool and ventilated place. But do not expose to the sun.

(wholesale plastic nursery pots in canada)According to our experience(24 cell propagation trays wholesale), if the plant grows normally and the leaves suddenly become yellow, especially the top of the coke, it may be caused by improper fertilization, such as excessive fertilization, excessive application or application of unfertilized fertilizer to cause "burning root" of. In this case. If it is not serious, it should be watered more to dilute the fertilizer. In severe cases, it is necessary to remove some roots and perennial soils, and place the pots in the shade(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). After the new shoots are issued, normal conservation is resumed.

In order to maintain the acidity of the soil, during the growth period(12 cell propagation trays wholesale), 0.2% ferrous sulfate solution is poured once for about 20 days or with 1 tablespoon of vinegar mixed with water for 10 times, and poured for about 15 days. Long-term no change of pots and fertilization, resulting in insufficient supply of nutrients, resulting in yellowing of jasmine leaves. In this case, as long as the plants are changed, the loose and fertile sandy loam is replaced, and the decomposed liquid fertilizer is applied regularly(plug trays wholesale). The concentration should not be too rich, and soon the jasmine can grow normally.

(wholesale plastic nursery pots in canada)If the method of preventing soil alkalinity is: if the jasmine is not changed for a long time, replanting, and changing the soil once a year(4 cell propagation trays wholesale). When jasmine is damaged by red spider or scale insect, the leaves will be chlorotic, yellow or even withered, and can be controlled by pepper water or 40% dimethoate emulsion or 80% dichlorvos 1000-2000 spray(black plastic nursery pots). When the cultivation environment is polluted by harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide, the leaves will appear brown, especially when heating with coal in winter.

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