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Wholesale Plastic Nursery Supplies Tree Pots

Yecai is a fast-growing vegetable that is very popular among residents in southern China(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots). It has the characteristics of fast growth, short cycle and convenient management of fertilizer and water. Leafy vegetables are mainly eaten with soft leaves, petioles or stems, rich in minerals and vitamins(5 gallon nursery pots). Because it is isolated from soil and fertilized less, it can effectively overcome soil continuous cropping obstacles and reduce the amount of fertilizer and pesticide.(wholesale plastic nursery supplies tree pots)

The leafless plant nutrient substrate is used for soilless cultivation of leafy vegetables(polystyrene plant trays). However, most of the leaf vegetables are not suitable for long-distance transportation and long-term preservation. The growth rate of leafy vegetables is fast, the product is fresh and the content of crude fiber is small, and the high quality, pollution-free, clean and green production of leafy vegetables can be realized(15 gallon pots), and more than one year can be planted to induce rooting, which has good economic benefits and society benefit.

The leafy tray substrate cultivation base should select fields with flat terrain(288 plug tray), sufficient water source and convenient transportation.Under the conditions of facility cultivation, due to excessive fertilization and medication, leafy vegetables are easy to accumulate nitrates and pesticide residues, so that leafy vegetables produce and The security situation has become a common concern(3 gallon nursery pots). Organic fertilizer can also be added to the cultivation substrate, and only water can be poured to produce green leafy vegetables. 

(wholesale plastic nursery supplies tree pots)The market supply can only rely on local production(tree planter). With the change of people's dietary structure, leafy vegetables are more and more popular among consumers. According to the volume, the length of the grass charcoal: seedling trough is determined according to the length of the greenhouse, and the width is 20cm and the height is 20cm(10 gallon pots). The 1 cm thick vermiculite, the upper surface of the substrate is 1 cm away from the edge of the disc, and placed on both sides of the mother planting trough.

In addition, it can meet the needs of leafy cultivation(14 inch plant pot). The seedlings were caliber with a diameter of 6 cm × 2 cm and a depth of 11 cm. In the north-south plastic greenhouse, a seedling tank filled with a seedling substrate (the surface of which is covered with a layer of 3 to 5 cm thick vermiculite) is placed, and each row is placed with 3 rows of seedling troughs with a groove spacing of 1.75 m(2 gallon nursery pots). Two drip irrigation belts were laid, and the distance between the drip irrigation water outlets was 30 cm.(wholesale plastic nursery supplies tree pots)

Too deep, so as not to leave a wound, causing disease(soil block trays). The selected nursery tank is a 5 cm thick plastic foam board (or root container). Water and nutrients can be adequately supplied. Leafy vegetables grow fast, have short cycle times, and have strong adaptability to the environment. Protection facilities such as greenhouses, plastic greenhouses(7 gallon nursery pots), small and medium-sized arch sheds and insect-proof net rooms are equipped with seedling substrates (the surface of the substrate is covered with a layer).

(wholesale plastic nursery supplies tree pots)In time, remove the first stolon and the weak stolon extracted from the mother plant(14 inch flower pot). When the adventitious roots of the base have obvious protrusions, use the U-shaped plastic card or wire to press the stolons into the plugs on both sides of the mother plant. The seedlings grown from the stems of the parent strain are first-grade seedlings, and the seedlings grown from the stems of the first-grade seedlings are the second-order seedlings(1 gallon nursery pots), and so on, and pressed in the plugs in turn.

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