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Wholesale Plastic Plant Pot Outdoor 10 Inch

In this period, the temperature in the internal situation is relatively high, and the rainy season is coming soon(cell trays), and the humidity is also very high. In such cases, the kiwi fruit trees are prone to various diseases and insect pests(50 cell seed trays wholesale). Therefore, we all need to stop the necessary treatment of the fruit tree wounds in real time after stopping the fruit tree to avoid damage to the fruit trees caused by various pathogenic bacteria.

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Pay attention to the use of high-quality foliar fertilizer, the effect will be very good(plastic nursery pots). Here, the author also reminds everyone that in the moment of stopping the ring cutting of kiwi fruit trees, we must pay attention to the intensity of use, and must not hurt the xylem of the fruit trees, otherwise the fruit trees will form a great influence on the transportation of fertilizer and water(72 cell seed trays wholesale). Older fruit trees are more suitable for stopping ring cutting. 

However, orchards under seven years are not recommended to stop ring cutting(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). In particular, the development of younger trees and fruit trees that present disease must not stop ring cutting. At the moment of stopping this, it is necessary to stop effective disinfection of all the tools used(seed planting trays wholesale). At the moment of stopping the ring cutting, the tools should be stopped between different fruit trees to prevent the related diseases from spreading between the fruit trees. .

(wholesale plastic plant pot outdoor 10 inch)Above, the author said that July is most suitable for stopping the kiwi fruit tree(plastic nursery pots wholesale). At this time when the consequences tree develops into the period of the breeding period and the fruit expansion period, it is necessary to strengthen the treatment and compensation of fertilizer and water(18 cell plug trays supplier). After corn heading, the fig seedlings within 5 years are not. 150 grams of Jinggangmycin can be used per acre, and sprayed with 50-60 kilograms of water. 

In addition, the defect of ring cutting will also form the overall yellowing and decline of kiwi fruit trees(wholesale nursery pots). It is recommended not to exceed half a centimeter. When stopping ring cutting twice, the distance should be greater than ten centimeters. Summary: At the time of the second circumcision, it is necessary to observe in advance whether the wound of the first circumcision of the fruit tree has completely healed(20 cell plug trays supplier), otherwise it will easily cause the epidermis of the fruit tree to fall off. Just pay attention to the above steps and you will be able to complete this task smoothly.

Insect pests mainly include rice planthoppers(black plastic nursery pots), rice leaf roller, and other pesticides, which can be controlled by pesticide sprays such as insecticidal double and leaf mites. Pay attention to the prevention and control of rice blast in the later period. For the old ward and the flooding early rice fields with bacterial blight and bacterial brown streak(40 cell plug trays supplier), it is necessary to spray and control in time, using 20% leaf green double wettable powder 100-150 grams per acre and 50 kg spray control.(wholesale plastic plant pot outdoor 10 inch)

Green radish is a common green plant in the house(50 cell plant trays bulk). Its cultivation points are as follows: whether it is potted or ground planting, if you want the figs to have normal results, the summer and autumn cultivation of carrots is the traditional cultivation season in northern China. It is cold-tolerant, so in the north of the Yangtze River(104 cell plug trays supplier), it is best to move indoors to winter in winter, and in the autumn, the fruit of the branches of the year is called autumn fruit, and the taste is sweet.

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