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Wholesale Plastic Plant Pots Canada

Begonia, Begonia, effective, effectively absorb formaldehyde, placed in a position, suitable for placement at the door, living room or window sill(seed trays). At first, Qiu Haijue's flowers were only red, but now there are more than a thousand mixed varieties, with a variety of colors and flowers, single or double. It can be opened all year round, and each flower can be lifted for up to 3 months. Begonia flower is an ideal plant for home decoration, which can be placed on the window sill without strong light(plastic plant pots).

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(wholesale plastic plant pots canada)In the living room at the door and in all the well-lit rooms(heavy duty seed starting trays), it is best to avoid the wind, as this will cause the buds to fall off. Also avoid getting close to the fruit, as the fruit will release ethylene. The same is not good for Begonia. Among the most common types of begonias, the hybrids Rieger Begonia and Rila Begonia can be opened all year round, with different colors(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The petals have single-lobed semi-double petals, double-lobed or slightly curled and not rolled.

Hi light, fun to avoid direct sunlight(50 cell plug trays supplier). The suitable temperature is 13-20 degrees. Loose soil in winter or summer. Watering at regular intervals. Change the basin every year. Prevention of spores, powdery mildew. The shape of the Begonia flower cluster is compact and can reach up to 37 cm. The leaves are dense, dark green, with many flowering branches and are easily damaged. According to different varieties of single or double petals, the petals are 4 or more(5 gallon pot). Light and temperature The environment in which Qiuhaitang is grown should be well lit, but be kept out of direct sunlight.

(wholesale plastic plant pots canada)Because direct injection will damage the leaves and rice(seed starter trays). However, if the length of the flower stem increases and the lower leaf falls off, the light is insufficient. It is best to avoid temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius. Because the temperature is too high, the blade will curl. The suitable temperature for Begonia is 16 degrees Celsius and the lowest is 13 degrees Celsius at night. Watering and fertilizing Begonia roots are fibrous and not drought-tolerant(cheap 1 gallon plant pots). The roots can be immersed in water of 5 cm depth, and the soil should not be completely dry.

But remember to pour out the excess water in the tray. Because if the sea otter is immersed in water(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), the roots and stems at the bottom of it may rot. The amount of water required for winter sea otters will decrease. From spring to autumn, you can apply some fertilizer every time you water. If it is a sea otter bought during the winter flowering, there is no need to apply fertilizer(72 cell seedling trays). If the flower buds fall off, the pests may be caused by changing the growth environment, and the lack of water at the roots will lead to the same result.

(wholesale plastic plant pots canada)So it is best not to move the flower pot(heavy duty plant pots). Begonias may also be infected with two fungal diseases, gray rot and powdery mildew, in which case the leaves of the disease are cut off and the biologic agent is sprayed. Xiaoqimen Qiuhai is not drought-tolerant, so put some damp gravel in the pot to increase the humidity. In the spring, place the plants in pots of larger diameter. The efficacy of Begonia is the same as other plants in the same family, which can effectively remove formaldehyde(2 gallon pots manufacturer).

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