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Wholesale Plastic Plant Trays Cheap

High quality peat, vermiculite and perlite are prepared in a volume ratio of 7:2:1 or 6:3:1(32 cell plant trays bulk). The substrate should meet the requirements of NY/T2118. Add 1.5 kg of quick-acting water-soluble fertilizer per cubic meter, 200 g of carbendazim (or 100 g of carbendazim + 100 g of thiophanate-methyl), add water to make the water content of the matrix 60% (hand grabbing, landing), left and after mixing, sealed with plastic film for about 7 days(black plastic nursery pots). The fertilizer used should meet the requirements of NY/T 496 and NY1107.

(wholesale plastic plant trays cheap)Put the prepared substrate into the tray, slightly vibrate it, smooth it, and dry it for later use(72 cell seed trays wholesale). When loading the tray, it is better to fill the cavity of the seedling tray just as the matrix, the matrix should be loose, not compact, nor hollow. Choose varieties that meet market demand, disease resistance, stress resistance, high yield, and high quality(wholesale nursery pots). The coated seeds can be sown directly. Uncoated seeds can be soaked in 50% of a 50% solution of dexamethasone for 15 minutes, then washed and dried for sowing.

Disinfection of the plug: The treated seeds are sown in the trays with the substrate, one spot per hole, and the depth is 1 cm(50 cell plant trays bulk). After sowing, the substrate is covered, then the small water is sprayed and the water is poured. After sowing, the substrate temperature is controlled at 20-28 °C, and the temperature during the emergence period is maintained at 20-28 °C during the daytime and 20 °C at night. The maximum temperature in the hot season in summer cannot exceed 30 °C(plastic nursery pots wholesale). If the temperature is too high, the curtain can be cooled. Use equipment to warm when the temperature is too low in winter.

(wholesale plastic plant trays cheap)The relative humidity of the air after emergence is maintained at 60% to 70%(seed planting trays wholesale). If the humidity is too high, drain with an exhaust fan. After the emergence of the seedlings, the water can be sprayed once to keep the substrate moist, and the hot weather is more sprayed. The rainy weather reduces the number of water sprays appropriately. Then combine the fertilization with water. When the cotyledons are flattened(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), the first true leaf is exposed, sprayed with water-soluble quick-acting fertilizer 500-1000 mg/kg foliar spray, and sprayed once every 2 to 3 days. The seedlings are started 5 to 7 days before planting.

Adhere to the principles of prevention and control(50 cell seed trays wholesale), including agricultural control, physical control, and biological control, supplemented by chemical control. The nursery field is far away from the vegetable planting field, and the high-resistance and multi-resistance varieties, seed and seedling equipment are used for disinfection treatment, and the weeds inside and around the nursery facilities are removed(plastic nursery pots). The organic matter in the seedling substrate should be fully fermented, scientifically fertilized, and sheltered in summer. Shading seedlings, mixed matrices, clean and no pathogens.(wholesale plastic plant trays cheap)

In accordance with the plant protection policy of “prevention first, comprehensive prevention”(18 cell plug trays supplier), the seedling substrate is inoculated with biological growth-promoting bacteria and sprayed with plant-derived preparations to enhance the ability of seedlings to resist pests and diseases. Use insect attractants to control pests, use 100 ml of pest bio-feeding agent per 667 square meters, dilute with water according to 1:1, add exclusive compounding agent, stir and prepare the liquid, and evenly inject into the bottom gasket of the special trap box(plug trays wholesale). Use one to three traps per 667 square meters.

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