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Wholesale Small Plastic Succulent Pots Online

The following is mainly to learn the main points of planting small chives in summer(propagation tray). Generally, the greenhouse cultivation mode is very common now. If you are planting in a greenhouse, then you can plant small shallots as long as the temperature is adjusted. Generally, the cultivation time of the shallots is in spring and autumn(plastic plant trays wholesale). This is not to say that it can't be planted in summer and winter. It's basically just that it's hard, it's usually greenhouse cultivation.(small plastic succulent pots in bulk online)

First, put the small shallot seeds in clean water, and throw away the broken seeds(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Then, put the seeds into 50 degrees of warm water for brewing, and stir for about 15 minutes, the purpose is to disinfect. Then, put it in the normal temperature and soak for about 30 hours, then remove it and pack it with a wet towel for germination(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). It will germinate in about three or four days. When most of the seeds are germinated, they can be sown.(wholesale small plastic succulent pots online)

Keeping the soil moistened by the planting is proper shading(seed starting trays), because the summer sun is very large and it is very easy to burn the shallot seedlings. The roots of the scallions are shallow, sensitive to water and fertilizer. The method of watering can be seen as wet, and the rainy season should pay attention to drainage and prevent roots(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). If it is arid, you can pour a little more water, and the watering time is controlled in the evening.

(small plastic succulent pots in bulk online)More ditching methods are used(square grow pots). Thin fertilization will be done on the line. The rows are all 15 cm long and the seeds can be evenly spread. The watering of the chives can be stopped in about five days before picking. Timely removal of too dense flowers, fruit, diseased fruit, deformed fruit, can quickly promote the full expansion of the retained fruit(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). Small fruit varieties can be retained more, and more than 5 are preferred.

When the two or four true leaves of the shallot seedlings are topdressed once, the urea is applied for about 5 kg per mu(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). After the chives enter the tillering stage, the urea is applied 6 kg, potassium chloride 4 kg. 20 days in the picking period, 10 kg of urea per mu should be applied. In addition, according to the growth condition of the shallot(50 cell seed starter trays), potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution can be sprayed as a foliar fertilizer.(wholesale small plastic succulent pots online)

It is very important to pay attention to the quality of the fruit(nursery plant pots). If there are too many inflorescences on the branches, it will not only affect the fruit shape, but also cause too many fruit set, poor fruit growth, poor variety, and many deformed fruits. Therefore, it is necessary to timely reduce the fruit and fruit to prevent it(72 cell seed starter trays). Reasonable flower thinning and thinning can speed up the expansion of high-quality fruit and improve the commerciality.

(wholesale small plastic succulent pots online)Methods: The flowering period should be to remove the excessively dense flower buds and deformed flowers(large plastic terracotta pots). After the fruit is placed, when the diameter of the young fruit is more than 3 cm, the fruit shape is not neat, the small fruit, the deformed fruit under the same ear, and the slow-growing fruit. For large fruit varieties(seed propagation trays), 3-4 fruits should be left per ear, and 4-5 varieties should be reserved for medium fruit type varieties.

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