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Wholesale Square Plastic Succulent Pots Online

The sun is sufficient and can guarantee the daylight hours in 8 weeks-9 weeks of light/year(wholesale greenhouse pots), and the daytime illumination is about 12 hours, at least 8 hours; the minimum frost-free weather should be no less than 180 days; the cold temperature in winter can reach Zero temperature above 7.2 °C and above 450h ~ 850h(gallon nursery pots); natural climate is fresh, humid, no drought, moderate rainfall without frost, frost damage, water system developed flat areas.

(wholesale square plastic succulent pots online)If the soil conditions should be loose soil, deep soil layer, good ventilation and drainage, moist without water(flat plastic tray), organic matter content between 8%-12% (not ≥ 2%), PH value between 4.3 and 4.8 (not less than 4.0 is not higher than 5.5), the soil retention level is 45-60 sand soil, sand land or grass charcoal land(cell trays), and should pay attention to the pH value of its water source meets the requirements of blueberry seedling development technical regulations. .

Blueberry seedling planting site selection is a very important key link(seed starter trays). It is a place with loose soil, good ventilation, good drainage and convenient transportation. After the general garden is selected, the deep-turning ripening is stopped 1a before the planting, and the depth of the deep-turning is controlled at 20-25 cm. The pH of the soil has a great influence on the development of blueberry seedlings(gallon plant pot). The blueberry seedlings of different varieties have different pH requirements for the soil.

(wholesale square plastic succulent pots online)The effect achieved by this method is better, but the cost is higher(plastic grow pots). When the pH of the soil is 5.5 or less, the pH of the soil in the garden is stopped using acid sochar soil; when the pH of the soil is 5.5 or more, the adjustment is stopped using sulfur powder(plug trays). The use of sulfur powder to adjust the pH of the field should be stopped from March to April before planting to prevent the sulfur powder from damaging the roots of the seedlings of blueberry seedlings.

The blue-eyed seedlings of rabbit eyes require the pH of the soil to be between 4.3 and 5.3(square nursery pots), and the high-branched blueberry seedlings develop best in the soil with a pH of 4.3-4.8. The method of adjusting the pH of the soil is divided into two methods: comprehensive adjustment and partial adjustment(propagation tray). The water quality of the soil should be taken into consideration when the soil moisture is small and irrigation is required.

(wholesale square plastic succulent pots online)If the pH of the soil exceeds the appropriate pH for the development of blueberry seedlings(greenhouse supplies pots), use acidic sochar soil or sulfur powder to stop adjusting the pH of the soil. Part of the adjustment only stops the adjustment of the soil in the planting hole, but the effect is absolutely poorly adjusted. If the content of organic matter in the field is less than 8%(32 cell plug trays supplier), an appropriate amount of organic matter such as peat should be applied to the garden to increase the organic matter content in the soil.

The overall adjustment is to stop the comprehensive improvement of the garden(black plastic plant pots). The natural climate and ecological conditions of the blueberry seedling construction base should be: but should pay attention to the area outside the valley where the mountain is not surrounded by the mountain, the slope of the hill is not more than 10% and there are sufficient water supply conditions(105 cell plug trays supplier). The garden of blueberry seedlings should have a pH value of 4.3 to 5.5 and an organic matter content of 8% to 12%.

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