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Wholesale Succulent Pots Cheap Small

As a new special dish(72 cell plug trays supplier), pumpkin seedling has become one of the main vegetable varieties in the urban and rural vegetable market in recent years. The young shoots, tender stems, tender leaves and young petiole of pumpkin seedlings, as well as tender stems and flower buds can be eaten. Pumpkin seedlings do not need to fight drugs and kill insects, it is really pollution-free food(plug trays wholesale). Choose the local seedlings, melons and long, and the large-sized pumpkins are good varieties, such as pillow melon, plate melon, beef leg melon, Dahongpao melon, yellow petal melon and so on.(wholesale succulent pots cheap small)

Put it into hot water at 50 °C and stir it immediately. When the water temperature drops to about 30 °C(128 cell plug trays supplier), soak the seeds for 15-20 minutes, then cool naturally, and continue soaking for 7-12 hours. The germination temperature is maintained at about 30 ° C, and it can germinate in two days. Choose the seedlings with good drainage, the bottom of the groundwater, and the soil fertile rice fields and vegetable fields(wholesale nursery pots). According to the width of 1.5 meters, open the trench, the width of the trench is 30 cm, the depth of the trench is 15-20 cm, and the drainage ditch is opened on all four sides.

(wholesale succulent pots cheap small)In order to early and extend the time to market, seeding can usually begin in February and can be planted in batches until August(128 cell seed trays wholesale). The ditch can be planted at a line spacing of 20 cm, the plant is planted at a distance of 10 cm, and two seeds per clam cover a 2 cm thick nutrient soil. First of all, it is necessary to apply enough base fertilizer, and put about 2000--2500 kg of decomposed bovine pigs per mu or 2500--3000 kg of soil and 20 kg of phosphate fertilizer(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). After sowing, it is drenched with decomposed manure or biogas slurry.

The mulch film is then spread on the surface of the dough, and the soil is compacted by soil compaction(seed starting trays supplier). After emergence, let the seedlings grow under the membrane. Topdressing uses decomposed manure and manure, and must be chased to ensure sufficient supply of manure to promote the rapid growth of melon seedlings. After each harvest, the quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer should be applied to the melons in time to promote the early development of axillary buds(plastic nursery pots). When the melon seedling grows to a height of 40 cm and has 5-6 pieces of true leaves, it can be harvested in batches, and 1 to 2 true leaves are left at the base to cut the upper tender seedlings.

(wholesale succulent pots cheap small)But before starting planting, most people will grow their own vegetables(32 cell plug trays supplier). This is also a common phenomenon, because when you mix peat moss and farmyard manure in the soil you need to grow, you can start plowing. Spraying 80 mg/kg "920" solution 5-7 days before each harvest can increase the yield by more than 30%, and reduce the formation of thick fiber at the base(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The seedlings are very tender and soft, and the quality is improved. .

The vegetable seedlings just unearthed here require a lot of water(105 cell plug trays supplier). Conditional friends can ask experts to test your soil, they will find out what is missing in the soil, how to solve it and so on. Composting provides a variety of nutrients for vegetables. Put a compost bin on your counter and put a trash can on the outside(black plastic nursery pots). This will reduce the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of and also provide organic soil for your garden.(wholesale succulent pots cheap small)

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