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bulk buy Cheap Small Plastic Flower Pots

Orchid plants have size, strength, and number of points(wholesale nursery pots). A cluster of orchids has new seedlings and old plants. Different horticultural varieties in the same species require different water contents. Freshly transplanted orchids, due to the turning and ramets, the orchids will inevitably have some wounds, watering should not be diligent, causing rotten buds(200 cell plant trays bulk). The ability of seedlings and weak plants to resist environmental changes is weak, and the extent of dry and wet changes is small, and proper moisture should be maintained. And the strong seedlings and grasses should be watered more.(bulk buy cheap small plastic flower pots)

The size of the blue basin, the texture of the shade and the blue basin are also related to watering(plastic nursery pots). Watering should be less and diligent, the mud basin has good water permeability, the potting soil is easy to dry, and it should be poured frequently; the purple sand pot and the glazed pot are not easy to seep, and should be poured less. At the same time, the amount of watering should be flexibly controlled according to the different characteristics of the plant material in the basin(50 cell seed trays wholesale). According to the specific conditions of environmental climate, pottery texture, plant type and bluegrass growth, the amount of watering should be kept and the degree of moisture in the basin should be maintained.

(bulk buy cheap small plastic flower pots)This is often the case in summer(plastic nursery pots wholesale). There is no certain way to water the orchids. "There is only a unified watering principle, and there is no uniform watering method." It is impossible to copy the unrealistic formula watering method, which can only harm the growth of bluegrass. Watering, spraying, and dip-plating are combined in the water supply method. Combined with morning and evening spray(72 cell seed trays wholesale), the implementation of the surface moisturizing water is a good supplement for the blue water supply in the summer.

The upper layer of the plant has been steamed and dried by high temperature, but the lower layer of the plant is still in a wet state(plug trays wholesale). At this time, the water is evenly poured, which will cause the root to be uncomfortable and damaged. If the method of spraying the surface of the potted plant is adopted, the water balance of the upper and lower layers of the plant can be maintained. After the surface of the pot is dry and then water is poured, the whole potted plant is "dried and dried"(32 cell plant trays bulk). It should generally be carried out in the morning or in the evening (preferably at 7:00 in the evening or at 5 or 6 in the morning).

(bulk buy cheap small plastic flower pots)If the water enters, it will be easy to get sick if it is hot and not ventilated(black plastic nursery pots). Try not to rain in the sultry Meiji, or spray at noon, sprinkle water. It is better to clean the pollution-free, slightly acidic (pH 5.5-6.5) water. The temperature of the watering should be close to or lower than the temperature in the air. Do not water the orchid with water above the air temperature(seed planting trays wholesale). The best way is to put a tank or a pool in the blue shed or close to the orchid field, and the fashion is full of spare water.

Orchids can get timely water replenishment, which is conducive to Langen's evening rest and absorption of water, which is conducive to the summer growth of orchids(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). In the case of dry blue basins, proper and timely watering is an important part of orchid summer. Lan Yuyun: Three points planted, seven points. Orchids are mostly dormant in winter, when less water is needed(50 cell plant trays bulk). At the same time, under the sun, the best time for watering orchids in winter is the noon moment on a sunny day.

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