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Greenhouse Soil Block Propagation Trays Plastic

Then, do you know what is the precautions for the method steps of the method of cutting seedlings of the color leaf grass(plastic nursery pots)? Today, Xiaobian will introduce relevant knowledge to you in detail. Note that you should choose a shoot that is free of pests, moderate maturity, and vitality. 1 to 0.5 cm above the leaf bud, the incision was inclined to the bud(32 cell seedling trays wholesale), and a branch with 2 or more axillary buds and a length of about 5 to 7 cm was cut with a sharp knife (cut) as a cutting.

(greenhouse soil block propagation trays plastic)For directional planting, a tray of 54 cm in length, 28 cm in width(plastic nursery pots wholesale), 5 cm in height, 3 cm in diameter or 2 cm in depth and 5 cm in depth may be used. The plugging of the greenhouse can be carried out from March to October, and the open field is carried out more than April to September. The density of the cuttings is not covered by the leaves(50 cell seedling trays wholesale), and the cutting depth is 2cm, which should not be too deep, so as not to affect the rooting.

In the early spring and autumn, after the insertion(black plastic nursery pots), the tray is placed under a shading net with a shading rate of 70%, and the temperature is between 25 ° C and 32 ° C in a small breeze environment. Spray the water on the surface of the substrate every 2 hours on a sunny day. New roots are grown about 10 days after cutting(50 cell seed starter trays), gradually reducing the number of sprays, transplanting or colonizing after half a month, and entering normal management.

(greenhouse soil block propagation trays plastic)Spray or not spray on cloudy or rainy days to keep the air humidity at around 90%(cell trays). Choose loose and breathable substrates such as peat and perlite (3:1), humus and sawdust (1:1) or peat and garden (1:1). Apply 3% phoxim granules 22.5~37.5kg/hm2 before transplanting, and apply with the application. The seedling period of the 32-hole tray was 80d(72 cell seed starter trays). 50 holes, 60d must be transplanted. It is very convenient to see the growth of the seedlings and the time of the upper pot.

According to the demand, many flower friends love to buy the seedlings, we show you this beauty bag as a fake implant(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), another advantage of it is the end of the fake planting, when the basin, do not need to remove the basin, directly connected to the plant The bags can be planted together in a new basin(seed propagation trays). It is degradable, and there is a reserved hole on the beauty planting bag to facilitate the rooting of the roots.

After the temperature is cut, the time and number of watering are determined according to the weather conditions(wholesale nursery pots). The seedlings are intensively rooted and nursed, and there is no slow seedling period. When the plant height is 30cm or more, 3~4 stems, and 5~6 roots can be transplanted(18 cell seed starting trays). Before transplanting, we must first prepare the land, deepen the land, apply organic fertilizer 45~75t/hm2, and dig 40cm I 50cm specifications.(greenhouse soil block propagation trays plastic)

First put the organic fertilizer into the planting ditch(200 cell seedling trays wholesale), then cover the organic fertilizer with the cooked soil turned over, mix evenly, and finally cover the raw soil on the mature soil, leaving the ditch deep 13~15cm for planting the asparagus seedlings. When transplanting, the size seedlings are separated, the planting size is 25~30cm, the row spacing is 1.2m(20 cell seed starting trays), the number of planting plants is about 30,000 plants/hm2, and the seeding amount is 1 050g/hm2.

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