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As for the soil matching of succulent plants, now we have rich experience(1.5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). For the novice, there are some questions, such as, must succulent plants use nutritious soil? Let's talk about what soil succulent plants use. For succulent plants, the soil is the most loose, breathable and fertile(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). Therefore, in various formulas, there are basically granular soil and peat soil. 

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But let's go back to the topic, do we have to use nutritious soil for meat(2 gallon plant pots supplier)? The purpose is not only to ensure the fertilizer effect, but also to prevent the basin soil from water and moisture, so that succulent plants rot. The flowering period of the grapes in the greenhouse is 2-3 days longer than that in the open field, and the grapes in the middle of the greenhouse bloom first, and the two ends bloom late(bulk 10 gallon pots). The soil in the yard is sand and the growth is basically normal.

(cheap 2.5 inch square plastic pots suppliers usa)First of all, in terms of the understanding of nutritious soil, peat soil is also nutritious soil according to the truth(2 gallon plant pots wholesale), but now the actual situation is that the nutritious soil bought on the market is not necessarily peat soil, because peat is more expensive, and most of that nutritious soil is made up of rotten leaf soil, perlite and so on(bulk 14 gallon pots), especially those with several yuan and one big package It is not suitable for succulent plants.

It can't be said that it can't be said that it can't be said because I've seen flower friends grow well with this kind of succulent plant(1 gallon pots manufacturer). I've tried to plant three succulent plants in the yard by myself. For succulent plants, we need to consider the point of looseness and permeability(bulk 15 gallon pots). The performance of garden soil in flowerpots is hardening, and the permeability is not good, so we usually do not use it when potting succulent plants.(cheap 2.5 inch square plastic pots suppliers usa)

For example, the common coal cinders, broken bricks and so on can be mixed into the medium as particles(2 gallon pots manufacturer), but the rotten leaf soil is not useless, such as the formula: garden soil 2 parts + rotten leaf soil 1 part + coarse sand 4 parts + light material 1 part + husk ash half part (suitable for cultivation of ordinary terrestrial species). Succulent plants are not as delicate as we think(bulk 20 gallon pots). We must try more, observe more and improve more to find the right soil for ourselves.

(cheap 2.5 inch square plastic pots suppliers usa)So whether we can make our own soil without the expensive peat or anything? This is OK. Let's talk with Huayou again(7 gallon pots manufacturer). The soil formula is not a universal formula. Because the climate is different in the South and the north, and the air humidity is different. Therefore, we need to adjust the proportion of various elements in the soil flexibly(injection molded nursery pots). For example, if the climate is dry in the north, we can have more water retaining media, For example, garden soil or rotten leaf soil, peat, etc.

Every autumn equinox, greenhouse grapes begin to apply base fertilizer, frost pruning, in December to break the sleeping agent, warming and germination(1 gallon pots distributor), the greenhouse temperature reaches about 12 ℃, germination time is about 15 days, germination rate is more than 85%, that is to say, it enters the germination stage(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Picking time: in principle, the inflorescence begins to pick. Therefore, the heart should be plucked first in the middle and then at both ends.

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