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Cheap Plastic Bonsai Pots Wholesale Price Australia

Then many flower friends are looking for practical flower cage seed sowing methods(2 gallon pot). According to their own experience, this paper is very valuable for flower friends to carry out flower cage sowing. In addition, this paper is also suitable for chrysanthemum water and peony sowing(36 cell propagation trays wholesale). I sowed two pots, the best in spring and autumn. I think the temperature is the best between 15-25 degrees. 

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Some people may say that the temperature is a little low(10 gallon pot). I will say later that it is very fast to plant and sprout in a period of continuous sunny days. The thickness is generally 10 mm, and the upper part must be small The seeds are very small. For the proportion, please refer to the previous three high methods. I just like the color(40 cell propagation trays wholesale). I adopt the method of suffocation for the first two years. After the seeds are scattered, clean and disinfectant spray atomizer is added.

(cheap plastic bonsai pots wholesale price australia)My soil is very random(1 gallon pot). What is the use of red jade, deer swamp, Japanese day, light stone, vermiculite and volcanic rock? The particles account for 70%, peat 30%. Add some corn husk charcoal. In addition, add some bone powder. The bone powder is generally in accordance with the proportion of the instruction manual(plastic plant pots wholesale australia). The lower 1-3mm particles, the upper 1mm particles. The upper soil is screened with a basket on the screen surface to remove dust.

About disinfection (very key, success or failure depends on disinfection). After the soil is prepared and scraped, I first soak it in potassium permanganate for 20-30 minutes(15 gallon pot). Let the soil absorb enough water. The water in the basin should not be too high(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). The bubbles in the soil will easily open the upper fine particles, and then the autoclave will steam for 15 minutes to maintain sterility The environment cools naturally in a pressure cooker.(cheap plastic bonsai pots wholesale price australia)

The survival rate is very low if I don't do it or if I don't do it well(3 gallon pot). I think all the people who have sowed it will have some experience. I use self sealed bags with good quality. I use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol to disinfect the bags first. It doesn't matter for a long time. I wait for the soil to cool and put it directly into the self sealed bags(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). I try to make the sterilized soil, flowerpot and internal self sealed bags less contact with the external environment.

(cheap plastic bonsai pots wholesale price australia)Because the flower cage and chrysanthemum water seeds are very small, this flower cage seeding is too grind for research and prolong the exposure time, so the seeding process is fast(5 gallon pot). Then, the water is boiled to normal boiling water. I usually cool myself in the boiling water pot, reduce the contact area with the outside, and then mix it with the bactericides of the regular factory in proportion(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). The basin soil is poured thoroughly, and then the self sealing bag is sealed.

Find clean paper evenly spread on the soil, the purpose is to disinfect the closed environment after less contact with the outside world(7 gallon pot). Scatter light after sowing, remember not to direct light, why 15-25 degree sowing is the best, because it is stuffy, and the environment is very small, a little light inside the bag heats up quickly(128 cell plug trays supplier), I usually hang a layer of gauze curtain through the glass indoors, if the outdoor temperature is about 25 degrees, the inside of the bag is about 30 degrees.

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