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At the same time, the precious half lignified twigs such as Rhododendron occidentalis were selected as scions(1 gallon plant pot). The lower leaves were removed and 3-4 top leaves were left. Each top leaf was cut short by 1 / 3-1 / 2. Then the base of scion was cut into a mold and inserted into the cutting position of rootstock. Then put it in the place of half shade and half Yang for daily maintenance and management(plastic plant trays). Rhododendron ventral grafting method.

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The formation layer was aligned and tied with plastic film belt or nylon ribbon(seedling trays). Generally, branches are used as scions and buds as scions. scion grafting. Many fruit trees, such as orange, apple and pear, can be grafted by this method. After keeping warm in winter, the next spring, some scions grow branches again(greenhouse pots). Can also be used in a Chinese gooseberry, both split joint, combined with abdominal connection, so that growth and shaping faster.(cheap plastic hanging baskets wholesale suppliers ireland)

Then cover all grafting parts and scions with plastic bags(1020 tray), tie up both ends with thread or fine lead wire, and place them in half shade and half sun place for daily maintenance and management, and do not apply fertilizer temporarily. About one month later, when the scion has grown new leaves through the plastic bag, it indicates that the grafting has survived(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). After growing three to four new leaves, remove the plastic bags on rainy days.

(cheap plastic hanging baskets wholesale suppliers ireland)Usually pay attention to watering or spraying water on the leaves, and cut off some branches of Maopeng at the upper end of the joint(square nursery pots). At this time, all the rootstock branches are removed, and a valuable Xipeng is formed. If properly maintained, live in early summer, bud pregnancy after autumn, flowering the next year(black plastic plant pots). In order to promote the rapid growth of scions, the buds should be removed at this time and allowed to blossom in the third year.

In May, three-year-old Rhododendron tomentosa was selected as rootstock(perlite suppliers). The top bud was cut off from its vigorous branches, and the grafting knife or shaving blade was used to cut a straight knife in the middle of the xylem at the top of the branch, with a depth of 1-1.5 cm. In addition, live roses often sprout in the lower part of the rootstock, which must be cut off in time, otherwise it will consume nutrition and wither or die(2 gallon plant pots). The common methods are as follows: cutting.

At the same time, the young branches of Rhododendron occidentalis, a famous annual species, were used as scions(plastic grow pots). After being cut into 1 ~ 1.5 cm in shape, they were inserted into the split part of the rootstock twigs and aligned with the cambium. After grafting, a thin plastic band with a width of 0.2 mm was used to tie up the joint part and cover the plastic bag to bind the opening(7 gallon plant pots), but a finger gap should be left for it to ventilate slightly.(cheap plastic hanging baskets wholesale suppliers ireland)

Five needle loose abdomen method(5 gallon nursery pots). After about 2 months, the scion leaf side sprouted. The plastic bag can be removed in rainy days and kept in the original place with half shade and half sun. Attention should be paid to the maintenance and management of watering and foliar spraying(15 gallon nursery pots). In this way, several scions can be cut at the top of the branch of a rootstock at the same time, so that a tree has a variety of flower colors.

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