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Bulk Buy Cheap Plastic Marijuana Grow Pots

The color of the top leaves of the potted flowers is normal, but the lower leaves gradually dry up and fall off(72 cell seedling trays wholesale). This is generally due to the fact that the potting soil is too full and cannot be poured for a long time, causing the lower leaves to aging. Flower friends should properly remove excess potting soil to keep the soil moist. The top leaves of the flowers are yellowish, the old leaves are gradually yellowing, and the new shoots are shrinking(plug trays wholesale). This is because too much water, rain or too much water, causing the basin to be too wet, the soil is deficient in oxygen, and the roots must rot.

(bulk buy cheap plastic marijuana grow pots)The flower friend should give the potting soil loosely in time and control the watering(200 cell seed starting trays). The leaves of the flowers are thin and yellow, usually due to the large flower and the small basin or the long time without changing the potting soil, resulting in insufficient fertilizer. Flower friends should gradually increase the fertilizer, but be careful not to be too thick. Potted flowers are replaced once in one to two years. The bonsai of the trees is changed once every 2~4 years(plastic nursery pots). Add a small amount of base fertilizer to the bottom of the basin when changing the basin. 

The flower friends should water the water and suspend the fertilization(105 cell seedling trays wholesale). The seeds can be sown in the pots and other seeds. After the emergence, they are pulled out to consume the fertility in the pot. Yellow spots appear on the leaves, which are caused by scale insects; the leaves are rough and dry, and they are sprayed with 70% trichlorfon 1000 times or 40% dimethoate plus water 2000 times. The yellowing of the leaves caused by the virus will spread rapidly(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Into pieces. It should be removed in time, and then sprayed with carbendazim or Bordeaux mixture for control.

(bulk buy cheap plastic marijuana grow pots)Do not spray too much, otherwise there will be phytotoxicity(162 cell seed starting trays). The night scented flowerpots are placed indoors for a long time without seeing the sun, and are easy to yellow. Sunny jasmine, white orchids, etc., if there is insufficient light, yellow leaves. Place the night scent in a sunny place every day and avoid exposure. Summer is the peak season for growth. In addition to fertilizer, potted soil must be kept moist and water should be poured twice a day(plastic nursery pots wholesale). General pruning takes place in the fall and takes root faster.

After application, the leaves on the cuttings are cut as much as possible(128 cell seedling trays wholesale). In addition, the selected shoots should be relatively thick and have smaller shoots on them. Friends try not to use the flowering branches and long branches that are about to bloom. These branches are nutritious. Before cutting, friends can cut the branches into small pieces of about 10 cm(wholesale nursery pots), and apply some rooting powder to the wound part at the bottom of each part to achieve good rooting effect.(bulk buy cheap plastic marijuana grow pots)

Leave only the top two leaves and insert the shoots into the prepared culture soil(128 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). After the cutting is completed, friends should cover the top of the nursery box with plastic bags, so that the temperature of the soil can be kept at around 20 degrees Celsius, so that the branches of the night fragrant roots can be transplanted to the friends when the plants take root. Prepare the pots, then friends can use the correct method to maintain them(black plastic nursery pots). The leaves appear uneven, the new leaves are thick, the old leaves turn yellow, and most of them are caused by fat.

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