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Cheap 162 Cell Seed Starter Tray Wholesale USA

How to raise the mountain rose summer is the most important problem in front of the novice flower friends(seed trays wholesale). The mountain rose summer is to sleep. In general, when the temperature of the mountain rose is around 30 degrees, it will go to sleep. However, depending on the individual, the area is different. Some of the mountain roses of the flower friends go to sleep more than 20 degrees, and some 30 degrees or more(10 gallon plant pot). There is still no sleep, so the temperature can be used as a reference.

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(cheap 162 cell seed starter tray wholesale usa)Allow plants to spend hot summers in a ventilated(plastic nursery pots), dry, cool environment, avoid sun exposure, and avoid rain, so as not to cause plant rot due to hot and humid conditions. Maybe there will be a flower friend asking, how to judge the mountain rose dormancy? First, look at the climate temperature, and secondly, look at the state of the mountain rose(5 gallon pot). Generally, the bottom of the rose that enters the dormant mountain has yellowish leaves, and the leaves begin to wrap. Shaped like a rose.

Let me talk about the reasons and the summer maintenance method of mountain roses(plastic nursery pots manufacturers)! However, with the summer heat and strong sun-dried mountain roses to avoid the glare, heat and other unfavorable climate, the peripheral leaves begin to age and wither, and the central part of the leaves Tightly wrapped together, under this kind of self-protection, the mountain rose shape is like a blossoming rose(15 gallon pot), and because of this characteristic, succulent lovers are crazy.(cheap 162 cell seed starter tray wholesale usa)

Let me talk about the precautions of the summer rose dormancy period: the amount of watering began to decrease(3 gallon nursery pots). Once a week, change it to 10 days or once every 2 weeks. When the whole blade is wrapped, it can only be poured once a month, and it can't be poured. It can only be poured a little along the wall of the basin. It must be placed in a place that is ventilated all day. If the mountain in the dormant period is not ventilated, it will soon be black rot, and the infection is particularly fast(7 gallon pot). It may be good in the morning and it will be dark at night.

(cheap 162 cell seed starter tray wholesale usa)To cover 50% of the light, too much light is likely to kill the mountains(wholesale nursery pots). Generally speaking, it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature above 30 degrees, and the blade wrapping is an important state in the dormant period. When this happens, it is necessary to follow the above requirements. Also, after the wake up, don't give the water to the mountains immediately, or increase the amount of water in a step-by-step manner(1 gallon pot). If you have been growing badly, you can consider turning the basin in the fall.

From the beginning of June, the rose slowly goes to sleep. At this time, the outer leaves of the rose begin to be yellow(black plastic nursery pots). At this time, the amount of watering should be reduced. There is no need to pour the soil, and the soil is moist. After entering July, the roses are basically wrapped up. At this time, it is only necessary to give water once a month. This state will continue until August neutral autumn, when the weather is getting colder(2 gallon pot), the rose begins to recover, and the frequency of watering is slowly increasing.(cheap 162 cell seed starter tray wholesale usa)

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