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The vegetable seed tray has low seeding efficiency and is time-consuming(4 cell propagation trays wholesale). After sowing, I poured water. After the seedlings were planted, the celery seedlings should be seeded when they grow to about 2 leaves. I started to study hard every day, went to the market for research, and also classified and studied the size and shape of the seeds(black plastic nursery pots).

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(cheap plastic 50 cell plug flats wholesale supplier)Completed his invention - a tray seeder(12 cell propagation trays wholesale). By combining the adsorption and the pressing seed, it is easy to manually operate the machine, and it can do the adsorption, pressing, covering and sprinkling. I failed again and again, and I didn’t give up. I thought that there was no difficulty in the world. I have always liked to study it since I was a child.

The biggest dream is to complete the invention, solve the tiredness of the people's sowing, and now complete their dreams, hope that the people around them can live the ideals(plastic nursery pots), do everything with a smile to solve, all difficulties and problems will be solved. It is particularly noteworthy that the celery seedlings cultivated in the greenhouse are relatively tender, and the water content of the leaves is large.

As we all know, the traditional sowing method is very hard, and it takes time and effort(6 cell propagation trays wholesale). The root system can be promoted by the method of flattening. It has invented a fully automatic seeding machine, which uses air pressure to absorb seeds and clam-type seeding, which greatly improves the efficiency of seeding and solves many drawbacks and troubles of manual manual seeding. 

Finally, one day, the same size seedlings will be used. Transfer to the same tray, divide the seedlings into 2 to 3 sizes, separate management(plastic nursery pots wholesale), consistent management techniques, and harvest at the same time after planting, thus reducing the workload of seedlings. The net profit can reach 14,000 yuan/mu, and the application prospects for promotion and application are very broad.

(cheap plastic 50 cell plug flats wholesale supplier)In order to reduce the labor cost, we must first ensure the germination rate of celery(18 cell propagation trays wholesale), and ensure that each hole of the plug has strong seedlings. In the second management process, the factors such as water, fertilizer, light and temperature should be made uniform to ensure each celery seedling, and the seedling materials should be prepared in advance.

The seedlings seedlings planted by the water line have not undergone the seedling process, and the seedlings may be thin and the root system is not developed(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). For example, in the United States, more than 100 million strawberry seedlings are planted every year. The key technologies for refining are water control, temperature control, and enhanced ventilation. The size is the same. 

After the third-grade strawberry seedlings are out(8 cell propagation trays wholesale), they are inserted into the tray substrate with the stolon seedlings. According to the growth rules of strawberry mother plants and seedlings, the research and development cost of this strawberry plug seedling technology is about 10,000 yuan per mu, which is calculated according to the current market price of strawberry plug seedlings(wholesale nursery pots).

(cheap plastic 50 cell plug flats wholesale supplier)24 h before planting (hours) according to the instructions for the use of drugs, using Pythium oxysporum(36 cell propagation trays wholesale), Bacillus subtilis, Terry bacteria, etc. for rooting or seedbed irrigation, increase the number of beneficial bacteria, prevent soil-borne diseases, enhance their resistance Pest ability. It is necessary to refine the seedlings before planting(plug trays wholesale).

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