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When (treatment-1) x (repeat-1) < 12, t value or F value increased rapidly(shallow germination trays). There should be control in breeding test forest. In Xinjiang, the local production seedlings are generally used, but the control can be added according to the needs, so as to make a variety of comparisons in the future(seed plug trays wholesale). If it is under strong light, the branches and leaves will wither and yellow, the growth will be stagnant and the whole plant will die seriously.

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The fertility of the test plot should be uniform, and the vegetation and cultivation conditions should be consistent before the test land is used(black plastic plant pots wholesale). First of all, create a temperature environment suitable for the growth and development of flowers to meet the temperature requirements of flowers(3 gallon pots distributor). In the cultivation practice, flowers are generally divided into the following four categories according to the different requirements of light intensity. 

(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale suppliers mexico)In addition, the operation and management measures adopted in the test should also take into account the possibility of future use in production(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of heat preservation in the cultivation of tropical flowers. Therefore, in the northern winter, the North window and the west window are not suitable for placing flowers(128 cell seed starter trays). Different types of flower waste have different requirements for light intensity.

According to the living conditions and heating conditions in the north(bulk pots), the indoor temperature is generally low in winter, and light is the material source for the growth and development of flowers and plants. Without sunlight, the photosynthesis of flower abandoned plants can not be carried out, and their growth and flowering will be seriously affected(5 gallon pots distributor). In addition, the cold wind blowing in through the glass gaps will damage the plants.(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale suppliers mexico)

This kind of flower in the whole growth and development process, avoid direct sunlight, in any season need to shade(plastic planters bulk), such as ferns, orchids, Araceae foliage plants, etc., the general requirements of the front cover is 80% (that is, 80% of the natural light at that time). Some cold resistant species, we need to understand the temperature requirements of flowers(128 cell seedling start trays), such as primrose, freesia, guayeju, azalea, cyclamen, Aspidistra, aloe, etc., can be selected for family cultivation.

(cheap plastic flower pots wholesale suppliers mexico)Generally speaking, sufficient light, vigorous photosynthesis, the formation of carbohydrates in plants(plastic planters suppliers), flower abandoned growth and development of robust, so the vast majority of flowers only in sufficient light conditions can flourish. If you want to raise flowers, especially those placed in front of the glass windows(72 cell seed starting trays), and then according to the conditions, the temperature around them will be lower than that in other parts of the room. 

Negative flowers originally live in the forest, under the sparse shade zone of flowers abandoned(shallow microgreen trays), such as Du Peng, camellia, brown bamboo, pukui, Begonia, Clivia, Wenzhu, evergreen, etc., generally require a shade of about 50%. Most of these flowers are in semi dormancy state in summer and need to be maintained under shade shed or indoor, while in winter they need proper illumination(104 cell trays bulk). Generally, a community consists of 4-25 strains.

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